WASHINGTON, DC: Today’s word is Hillary Clinton may be looking at doing a talk show in order to feather her way to yet a third presidential run as per Clinton biography writer, Ed Klein. Doesn’t she ever get enough of losing?

It seems insane, given Obama left office without giving her the awaited pardon that all thought she’d receive after her big brushes with the FBI over the last year. She admitted to her crimes, having a private server – a direct violation of State Department rules and our espionage laws. Perhaps because Clinton wasn’t indicted by corrupt former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, it seems she has no sensibility to lay low and hope the whole thing ‘blows over.’ Instead, she’s out there trying to vie once again for some elected office.

Rumors have swirled that she may be eyeing the New York City mayor position due to the massive unpopularity of Bill de Blasio; whom has waged war with the federal government over the City’s sanctuary status regarding immigration.

While in impromptu polls, Clinton fairs better than half respondents for the position, there’s one big problem. Given her mishandling of classified information, it is highly unlikely she would receive the clearance required for major city mayors after 9/11/2001. Unfortunately, though she wasn’t indicted as of yet, this would preclude her from getting any security clearance, so she wouldn’t be able to perform the duties of the office.

Why doesn’t Clinton just fade away?

After all, she is in her late-sixties, so it’s very curious why she hasn’t retired after her dismal loss last November. Even with every tantrum tactic performed since, she’s lost even more.

During the Stein recounts, in Michigan and Wisconsin, she actually lost more votes in the audits. The Electoral College faired no better when she actually lost electoral votes from the Faithless Electors. A Federal Judge also ruled for her email scandal to be re-examined as it ruled enough had not been done with the investigation to ascertain the truth. Even still, though these continual losses over and over, she’s still keeping her name in the public forum, one way or another.

To make matters even more worse, announcements were made last week, the Clinton Global Initiative would be shutting its doors, laying off the remaining twenty employees after two-hundred were laid off last Autumn. The donations have taken a sharp decline after Clinton failed to secure the White House, verifying Clinton Cash revelations that it was a pay-to-play scheme. Evidential support for investigators working in six different jurisdictions looking into all aspects of the Clintons’ nefarious charity foundation and all subsidiaries.

With the Trump Administration’s Department of Justice starting to fill out, it will be up to new Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make the determination about her current investigations which are still on-going in a number of states as well as the possibility of reopening her email serve situation.

It seems for now, Clinton would drop out of sight as 72% of the people polled in a recent survey wish to see her indicted and prosecuted for her various alleged crimes involving several espionage and RICO violations; but, as we’ve seen, she’s still out there, making noise while putting herself continually in the public and legal crosshairs.

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