Hearings on the Hill: Kabuki Theater with Russian Dressing on the side!

The Democrats are scattering as their stories are falling apart. However, apart as they come, they still continue to double down and triple down on failed stories while wasting taxpayer money and time, knowing soon, they will be on vacation yet once again!

It seems these days, the Senators and Congress are all about posing for the cameras and giving everyone a bunch of rubbish to keep themselves in some kind of relevancy. Guess, President Trump’s tireless work schedule is making them all jealous because they can’t possibly keep up with his break neck speed.

On the Hill today, hearings are going on with all investigatory brass where Senator Mark Warner (D) is asking questions, pretending to give a hoot about what Americans ‘need to know’ about this whole Russian mess.

Both Coats and Rogers have told them they didn’t feel pressure by the President to ease up on any Russian investigation. Warner exposed his true witch hunt when his answer was, “I’m disappointed in your answer…”

Why would Warner be disappointed in an answer if he was legitimately trying to ascertain the truth? Does this not reveal his true motive behind this dog and pony circus show. Clown car show is more the word, to be perfectly honest!

In many momentary lapses of truth, the Democrats have admitted they have no evidence of any collusion.  Remember it was revealed by Wikileaks and validated by a book released a couple months ago, the whole Russian election thing was created by Robby Mook, John Podesta and Hillary Clinton back in June 2016 before Trump won the nomination. Therefore, they’ve come clean numerous times but continue to follow little Cheshire cats down rabbit holes looking for Alice; all the while wasting our time and taxpayer money.

Why are they doing this?

It’s really simple. They’re avoiding the real work we, the people, have tasked them to do. What work is that?


It’s a really short laundry list and if they got the Russian dressing out of the tushes, the Senate and House would find it could accomplish this work in relatively short order – thus, making them heroes of the day!

Instead, we’re chasing illusionary Ruskies and looking for the KGB lurking in their martinis. And worse yet, we allow them to play these Russian Roulette games without as much of a whimper. Why?

Those people in DC work for you; not their special interest groups or the Washington Post. They are there because you elected them to watch out for your rights. They made a horrible mess in 2010 when they passed that disaster called Obamacare. They also have made a lot of missteps by giving Obama everything he wanted – from regulations to idiotic internet rules – all of which need to be overturned.

The only way anything is getting done in DC right now is through President Trump and his own power of the pen. While surely the President doesn’t wish to Executive Order everything into existence, the fact is Congress and the Senate aren’t doing their jobs as illustrated above.

The question is: When will you, their collective bosses, insist on them doing the business of the people?

Aren’t you tired of this idiotic theater and nonsensical ghost hunting over nonsense? We all know, it’s impossible to prove a negative.

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