He Said What?

It’s no mystery outlets like CNN and MSNBC have been shamelessly hawking Hillary Clinton for president since before the conventions even ended. Their biased slant on her campaign and lack of emphasis on her criminality has been staggering, considering she’s one of the most prolific criminals in modern history. With issues like the Clinton Foundation and the private email server from her days at the State Department as Secretary of State, it’s a clear cut case her syndicate has a long reach into the eaves of our government. Influencing, peddling and corruption have been mainstays within the Clinton organization for many decades – stemming all the way back to Little Rock.

While Fox is covering the Clinton scandals with a big more in depth coverage, they still proffer moments like on Fox and Friends this morning when the three anchors had their feel-good moment going over the situation with Clinton calling Donald Trump a racist yesterday during her so-called speech in Nevada yesterday.

As most know from seeing things like Clinton Cash and Hillary’s America, Clinton has no room to demonize anyone as her infringements and behaviors far exceed any person running for president in US history. Yet, she had the audacity to spin as she does like a widow spider to deflect from her own criminality, painting Trump as the proverbial race-baiting boogie man that all Americans should fear.

Like with most election cycles, this divisive behavior is expected from Liberals given they seldom have anything of any value to offer voters. However, when the news media backs up ridiculous claims with their own blind commentary and obvious slants, it’s blatant propaganda of the worst kind and, frankly, a gross disservice to their viewers.

Brian Kilmeade - co-Anchor on Fox & Friends Weekdays
Brian Kilmeade – co-Anchor on Fox & Friends Weekdays

This morning, Brian Kilmeade actually said the Clinton Foundation has done good for people all over the world! Really? Ask a Haitian if that’s the case. Ask the people who really set up AIDs clinics throughout Africa if that’s the case! Chances are Brian will find they don’t have such a sterling review of the Clintons’ work in their neck of the woods.

The fact is, the Clinton Foundation participates (and created) disaster capitalism where their cronies profited from failed initiatives in places like Haiti and were not the trailblazers for bringing down AIDs medication costs to Africans. If Brian had read Clinton Cash, he would quickly see his statement as ridiculous and grossly uninformed. Yet, his comments go unchecked by his co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt – in fact, they both nodded in agreement to his outrageous statement.

Furthermore, in light of the information reported on their show by people like Fox News’ hard-hitting news reporter, Catherine Herridge, it just smacks in the face of realism.

Another interesting takeaway is they all agreed that Clinton was not a racist. Really? She takes financial donations from the Klu Klux Klan, heralds the late Senator Robert Byrd (KKK Leader) and Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood who wanted to rid America of ‘Negros’) as her ‘personal heroes’ and mentors yet she’s not a racist? Alrighty.

Incidentally, for those who missed this wonderful moment of Fox & Friends’ history, this conversation came on the heels of an interview with Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange,  where they interviewed him on the Clinton’s corruption as well as the next trove of emails and documents to be released.

Guess now we know without a doubt, the Fox & Friends gang is picking the ignorance road rather than dealing in reality even if it makes their anchors like under-informed schmucks; but one has to think, if they get the news unfiltered, do they have any other excuse?

I should say not…

Brian is more than welcome to email us for the exact pages and chapters in Clinton Cash where he can verify his Clinton Foundation statements to be utterly false; but somehow I don’t think he’ll dare take us up on that offer!

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