Have the Conservative Pundits Sold Out We The People?

By Thornton Crowe

sean-hannity-pic-02Fox News Corporation’s top echelons and their anchors like Megyn Kelly have made no pretenses about their biased news reporting as of late while turning off voters/viewers. Remarkably, the fact their ratings are going down, don’t seem to dissuade the news network from toting the ‘company line’ for the RNC and superPACs. However, yesterday, an interesting article came out in the New York Times, talked about a  secret meetings between Rubio and conservative talk radio/TV hosts sometime in 2013, where he tried to coalesce their support for his amnesty ambitions.

Within a few short hours of the story hitting the street, Sean Hannity came out on his afternoon radio show in a furious rant about the article’s insinuations that he was asked and accepted the request to sway his listeners into accepting amnesty for illegal aliens. He went on for the first half hour of his radio show about how the article was simply a lie. He seemed quite upset because he has built his reputation on being unphased by the common political malarkey and rebel rousing.

Additionally, he vehemently defended his friends mentioned in the article like Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingram and Mark Levin, whom up until this primary, were raging against the Washington machine; forewarning Americans their rights were being stripped away and why. From the sounds of his protests, the article blew huge craters in their integrity for being truth raiders and the cheerleader section for ‘conservative constitutionalism’  outside the usual suspects.

rush-limbaugh2Under normal circumstances, I would be most sympathetic to his plight as no one likes to be misrepresented; however, for the past few months, I have watched Hannity and his fellow Fox News anchors along with conservative talk radio allow Cruz and Rubio go on programs to relay their most ridiculous folly, without saying one word to contradict them when Hannity et. al. know they’re lying. Furthermore, in spite of the amnesty/sovereignty issue, Limbaugh went so far to say Rubio is a ‘true conservative’ and Trump’s reaction to Duke’s non-existent endorsement as him pandering the KKK crowd. True conservatives want to preserve sovereignty not throw it away and Trump is notoriously not a white supremacist nor would he pander to such groups.

Furthermore, they have continually booked several political talking heads like Bill Kristol, Frank Luntz and Karl Rove to discuss the ways to stop Trump’s momentum and re-establish the ‘desired’ GOPe order. Levin and Limbaugh have been highly negative about Trump’s audacity to run for president, making claims he is not a real conservative; however, history through YouTube video demonstrates Trump has been supporting the GOP candidates (along with the widely reported DNC candidates) for years. He’s not the political novice as they all complain. Frankly, I take this as them toting the apparent GOPe meme that he has no right to be in the race in the first place.

As an avid follower of their careers and opinions, I have to admit the article made the nonsensical suddenly make sense – all the legos fell into place as it were as it answered the burning question I’ve had for many months: What’s with all the Trump Hate? While I’d love to believe Hannity’s anger is ingenuous, his actions as described above, have proven the contrary.

laura_head_shotHighly respected political commentators of yesteryear didn’t allow guests to lie unchallenged on their programs. They asked tough questions about the candidate’s plans for the future, not let them sit there and toot a barrage of lies against their opponents. In contrast, contemporary commentators invite guests to speculate strategies to dismantle and downplay Trump’s success or drive a wedge between him and his voting base by reiterating the lies his opponents have spread in their rallies. None of these commentators have dared to seriously question the Gang of 8 legislation both Cruz and Rubio supported – a trend becoming very disturbing to their following.

Their rage against Trump’s candidacy has left many conservative listeners/viewers, scratching their heads, wondering why all the Trump Hate. As raiders against the inside DC corruption, they have helped the mainstream media against the one candidate who wants to restore the American Dream and preserve its founding principles after years of DC degradation. It leaves voters to question their motives as they are now morphing into the obvious bias permeating other media outlets today.

MarkLevinWhile they all talk about the anger and betrayal voters feel towards the Establishment, they seem so ensconced in the same by assisting in the demonetization rather than promoting voters’ desires to become better informed about the candidates. We once believed that we could turn to their programs for honest reflection; however, in the past few months, they’ve become Fox News/MSNBC/CNN propaganda extended.

Whether the article is true or not remains to be seen; however, it does leave one thing certain: now they know what it’s like to be Donald Trump.

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