Has the State Department Cower to Another Liberal Challenge to the Trump Travel Ban?

It would seem with this new stipulation about family members with people here in the US, it has once again, been bullied into watered down policy at the expense of our safety! American being slid under the political bus is getting old!

The travel ban imposed by President Trump’s Administration was partially upheld last month by the Supreme Court in spite of the 9th Circuit upholding a nefarious halt issued by the Hawaiian judge Derrick K. Watson – an act of judicial activism rather than being based on case law. The ban was challenged by a state that doesn’t even take in refugees from Middle Eastern countries and the judge has close ties with former president Obama; therefore, the dubious ruling was suspect from the very start.

In a stunning move clouded with more political truculence, Watson again challenged the ban – this time citing close relations with those already here in the US. Remember, many of those already here have not been vetted well; therefore, this stunning move on the State Department’s lot just boasts more of a political counter move than about keeping Americans safe.

One must remember, like the Southeast Asian cultures, many Middle Eastern families are clans; therefore, there can be whole regions who are relatives. The new stipulations imposed say now, if a person can provide bonafide proof of kinship with someone already here, then you can come here. This includes grandparents, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, first cousins, brother-in-laws, and sisters-in-laws. If you think about clan-like cultures, you might as well lift the ban altogether because you’re still letting most of the country in with this latest unhinged move.

What constitutes bonafide proof? The family Koran? Given the counties are not keen on keeping paperwork on their citizens, it is highly unlikely they will have anything more than a scratched out family tree on a piece of parchment paper. Hence, it was one of the reasons why these countries were on the travel ban Executive Order in the first place.

Is this what we asked or voted for? No. Unvettable means unvettable. There’s no two ways to spin this other than it’s purely political – bowing down to an unelected judge who’s in the tank for Obama and his plans for a Muslim invasion of the US! Coming to America is a privilege not a right – and those entering should be at our discretion – following our Constitution and rule of Law. The immigration law from 1952 specifically forbids this type of mass immigration, yet, without citing any case law, precedent or reason other than campaign rhetoric, judicial activist judges like Watson have been allowed to usurp the American public who have firmly rejected this invasion.

Perhaps these people should all be housed at Judge Watson’s home.

Given that Hawaii has refused to take any refugees, it seems highly suspect this Judge would even entertain this case in same jurisdiction. And given his suspicious meeting just days before he first challenged the first ban, it would seem that some illegal coercion with the former president is afoot. When will the judge be brought to justice on ethics charges for these actions? His abuse of his judicial position is beyond astounding and should be dealt with; however, one would grow old waiting for Congress to do its job.

Our safety should never be some bargaining chip with either opposing group here. Now, all we have to do is to wait – see if the Trump Administration continues to cave to the insidious whims of a loony leftist judge or have the gumption to say, “The ban stays as written.” This is wrong on so many levels it is inconceivable that anyone other than Obama holdovers would ever believe this was a good idea, yet the State Department issued the new provision in answer to Watson’s continual challenge of the Presidential privilege. Guess time will tell. Until then, we’ll be watching with eagle eye.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson entered this office with great hopes from Americans, yet with this latest cow down move, does he have the resolve to follow suit with the President’s director orders? It is unsettling to see this type of cowering to liberals who have the audacity to re-challenge even after the Supreme Court upheld most of the original ban. It is an act of defiance by lower courts that should cause us all concern considering these judges are not elected by the people but wayward political hacks like Obama. Is it time we visit some judicial term limits or abolishing these lower courts full of activists rather than bonafide jurists? Well, that’s a subject for another article, isn’t it?

Is this what we have to look forward to for the next three years – a constant temper tantrum with never-ending resolution?  The Left needs to get over themselves and come to terms with the choice of the American voters. Donald Trump is the president and it’s not changing for another 3-7 years. These machinations are now growing tiresome and putting us all in danger all because of politics… and for that – the Democrats’ assault against the citizens is most unforgivable!

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