Has Comey Crossed The Line This Time?

For someone whose sworn to uphold the rule of Law, former FBI Director James Comey has certainly seem to throw caution to the winds with his hat tricks and bamboozle whistles.

In his infamous testimony after being terminated from the Bureau, Comey touted that he leaked information to the New York Times through an emissary. This, while stunning, held all the earmarks that contradict everything he ever said about Julian Assange or Edward Snowden – but also made him look like just another disgruntled ex-employee with proverbial axes to grind.

While it’s not the best form to can someone while they’re out of town, much less having them received notice through a news broadcast they’ve been unceremoniously fired, the Comey situation was acutely different, given his proximity in DC to very sensitive information.

Given his leaking admission, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that perhaps the Trump Administration had long suspected him of such activities; therefore, choosing to terminate him in such a cold, peculiar manner.

Could this be the real explanation for the Trump Tweet where the President said he had tapes? Interesting thought to ponder, eh?

In any event, his admission raised more questions than provide answers and also put his friend/confidant Robert Mueller – who also is working as a Special Counsel – in grave suspect. Corruption ties between the two have surrounded his questionable investigation and caused daylight to shine on him as well as Big Jim.

Now, we learn, much of what was in those leaked documents regarding his conversations with President Trump is classified. Hmmm, isn’t this illegal? Why of course it is and this now puts Comey in a most precarious situation.

For starters, given those documents were done on FBI time, resources etc, he was seriously in error that they belonged to him. No, they actually belong to the people of the United States. Therefore, like all the other leakers, he had no legal right to share them with friends, family, reporters or God without the permission to do so from — you guessed it — the President. The same person who not only fired him but also can decided what is and isn’t classified.

Not too bright on Comey’s lot to be so careless. Perhaps he was under some impression he was in the cat bird’s seat but it would seem that isn’t the case. Wasn’t he responsible for investigating Hillary Clinton for doing this exact same thing?

Now that it’s been outed and his ‘whistle-blowing’ days have been thwarted, what will happen to Big Jim now? At this point, we don’t know. Only Attorney General Sessions and the Department of Justice will be able to go against Comey for his apparent criminality. However, its astounding to think he was a bad cop the whole time and we never caught wind of it; even when we stared into the face of his insidious assessment of Clinton and her law-breaking activities as Secretary of State (and beyond).

Guess we’ll have to wait for how this will shake out for him, but have to admit, I do feel bad for his family, who will no less pay for the sins of their father in public opinion. It’s a shame Comey didn’t think about them before traipsing down the primrose path to crime and corruption.

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