Happy New Year – Welcome to Year Two of Trumpnation!

We’ve all had our times with the new Trump Administration as we saw in the first year, the twists and turns much like a soap opera drama. With all the twisting and turning about personnel, the Administration has experienced short-term employment for some and questionable employment for others.

2017 saw many changes and outlandishly fake news all coming together to promote hysteria and uncertainty, yet many Trump supporters avoided the triggers and continued to support our beloved President. Our efforts paid off as the Administration passed monumental legislature (Tax Reform) along with 81 other items that promotes a healthy, prosperous economy after 17 years of nothingness and decline.

We saw the former FBI Director James Comey along with others fade into unemployment because they didn’t serve the country well in their tasks. And yet, we still have them hanging on by a thread, writing books and tweeting cryptic nonsense, in spite of their potential incarcerations.

Yes, we patriots have seen a bunch of balderdash but we’ve continued to prosper despite the Left’s best efforts to derail us and the Administration.

Here’s to another year of Trump Making America Great Again. He promises this year we’ll see much bolder maneuvers and accomplishments for us to boast about next New Year’s Day.

March onward, fellow Trumpnation!

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