Handler’s Unhealthy Mental Behaviors: Is it a PR Stunt or Is It About A Really Sick Woman?

We are all protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution to have the right to free speech — unfortunately, for many, this included the mentally unbalanced as well as sane citizens.

Last week, in spite of having to evacuate her home due to the Los Angeles Fires, not-so-funny comic, Chelsea Handler, took a moment out of her big escape to tweet another verbal diarrhea moment to the world to which Rosanne Barr retorted in the most spectacular way.

As we’ve seen from Hollywood since Madonna was given a pass on her blowing up the White House comment last January, they have become mentally unhinged. When does it become less about art and more about posing legitimate threats to our President and his staff?

It was one thing for Saturday Night Live to bring about the constant barrage of bull we’ve all become accustom to since the Seventies (even though it’s often silly and trite); however, the unseemly behaviors by Handler shows towards Donald Trump and now, new target, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is to the point where one has to question her mental capacity.

She certainly has outdone herself with the latest rendition of Sanders’ make-up with a not-comical video. It demonstrates not only her hypocrisy towards women – demeaning body image when she claims she’s a feminists¬† – but also illustrates her adjunct obsession with the Press Secretary.

Yes, many of us knew Donald Trump was a polarizing figure, but what we’re seeing from people like Handler has degenerated to the point where one must contemplate, have they lost their minds?

Is it time for the Secret Service to start monitoring Handler’s constant ill statements in social media? Does she pose a threat to the Trumps and their staff as John Hinckley posed towards Reagan?

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