Griffin: Cry me a River!

Over the last week, we all heard (and unfortunately saw) the machinations of comedienne Kathy Griffin and her tasteless display of ‘art’ [sic] where she held the severed head of President Trump in an ISIS stance. Most of us were sickened by it. Appalled. Disgusted.

There seems to be no limit to the Left’s hatred towards President Trump and his family. Their jealous is just overwhelming as it comes at us in an endless barrage of hate!

They work overtime doing everything possible to detract from his achievements while vilifying his character. In the most basic rudimentary manner, they have demonized him in every way possible. False stories, salaciously tainted jousts and unadulterated smears which most people would never want to encounter in their own lives. They’re grown-up bullies and yet, they don’t see themselves as such.

And you wonder why more normal people don’t aspire to be anything in our government, much less be our president.

Griffin’s ruse began as some kind of art project with photographer Tyler Shields in a protest. A protest for Trump or a propagation of terrorists or possibly both. It would seem the latter is more befitting. I won’t even post the horrific image because frankly, it’s received way too much attention as it is; however, it wouldn’t be my deal if I didn’t weigh in on this latest trip to Liberal idiot island.

After the short appeared on TMZ, a firestorm on Twitter led to Griffin losing her endorsement deal with Squatty Potty and her upcoming tour dates cancelled. Yes, it’s cost her money – big money, which led to her disingenuous apology which fell on deaf ears throughout America.

Now, she hired famed legal publicity hound and Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom, and gave some quirky presser where she claims she’s the ultimate victim. You read it right, Kathy thinks she’s a victim. And the idiocy just keeps on hitting…

Did someone send Kathy a cross, because it’s the prop for all martyrs. 

Yes, she’s a victim alright — a victim of two tweets from the President, one from the President’s eldest and one from the First Lady, objecting to her grotesque display of hatred toward Trump and her promotion of violence, which incidentally, horrified the First Family’s youngest, 11-year-old Barron.

First Lady Melania Trump summed it up quite nicely when she stated (paraphrased) only a person with a mental issue would do such a thing. She’s spot on. No one in their right mind would overtly suggest the life of a President and one can only hope among her well-wishers, Kathy got a visit from the US Secret Service.

Conservative commentator, Wayne Dupree, called her cries of victim woe three days ahead of schedule. While he might have called it as a joke at first, it would seem he’s got the Left’s stupid rants down to a science at this point, making these supposed creative types highly unoriginal.

The Authentic Tweet

Pseudo-entertainers like Griffin share the same mental disease as their gal pal, Hillary, where they can’t seem to take responsibility for their own downfalls through their own bad decisions. They like to pawn their misfortunes off on their victims and then pontificate to the public about how they’ll remain steadfast to some idiotic, losing stratagem.

The Warhol 15 is so hard to let go of…

Griffin’s plight is not enjoying sympathy from most. In fact, she’s become a national joke – appropriate for a failed comedienne whose comedy has never moved my needle and I’m a huge fan of the genre. She’s enjoyed more than her allotted Warhol 15 which she’s now cashed in her chips to be in the infamy club.

What’s most remarkable about this whole ordeal is her insidious claim that she had no idea it would have such a negative impact. This should tell audiences, Griffin doesn’t think much of your intelligence because she believes you’re too stupid not to call this disingenuous apology for what it was – a huge ruse. And she didn’t even apologize to the real victim, President Trump.

The Liberal entertainers are really putting their celebrity collateral on the line for a losing cause. To be frank, Trump has accomplished many positive things for Americans since taking office in January. Sure, he’s not the PC magnet their Puritan [sic] souls would like, but just how pure is Griffin’s when she’s holding up a severed head president drenched in blood?

“My features form with the change in the weather…” – Tears for Fears (1985)

Not too long ago, Griffin was all about the President. Here she poses with him at some event and doesn’t seem at all that appalled by his presence. In fact, she appears quite comfy basking in warm glow of his billionaire limelight.

Though it pains me to admit, you have to hand it to Rosie; she never huddled up to the Donald before her bashing fits with him on Twitter. Guess you could say her hate is genuine, possessing some semblance of integrity.

Griffin’s hypocrisy isn’t lost on those paying attention. Trump is the same man he was whenever that image was taken, the only difference is, now, he’s the President of the United States. One would think starf*****s like Griffin would be reveling in the fact she posed with him those many moons ago.

As an artist, I respect art as a form of expression. Yes, those artistic forms of express are protected by the First Amendment and to impose limits would provide a slippery slope to its eradication. However, with that 1A Right comes the responsibility to own the backlash of said art should any occur, not run off crying like a little school girl. If Griffin was any kind of true artist, she’d take the heat instead of posturing with a legal whore in front of a camera, vowing to continue publicly stalking the First Family. Her double-down only makes her situation even worse.

Fact is, sad face Kathy, no one broke your career but you. Your smallness is only the eulogy of your once-touted fame. Now, your infamy lies with your hatred and bad judgement. That’s not Trump’s fault – it rests on your shoulders and your shoulders alone.

Maybe now, she can go have some pancakes with Babbs and they can drown their sorrows in maple syrup together.

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