GOPe Punked by Clinton Sleaze Factor

We all know it was a matter of time when the Clinton Sleaze Machine would strike with some tidbit to try deflecting attention from Hillary Clinton’s nefarious past steeped in criminality and corruption — October Surprise!

Guilt As Sin author, Ed Klein
Guilt As Sin author, Ed Klein

Last week, a Clinton damning book by Ed Klein, Guilty As Sin, was released as well as Friday’s Leak Dump by both Wikileaks and DCLeaks hurled much truth at the Clinton campaign. By sheer obvious coincidence their rebut was an eleven year old tape of Trump making some off-color remarks in a locker room style chat with Billy Bush – coming from NBC through the new tabloid stylings of the Washington Post. It seems the Sleaze Machine much like its owners, continued with the orchestrated, colluded effort of MSM — and the GOP so-called leaders!

Reince Priebus and Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) chimed in with their disdain. And even though Chaffetz has been conducting hearings, demonizing FBI Director James Comey for obvious obstruction of Justice and letting Clinton off the proverbial Hook, he now claims he’s going to vote for the very criminal he said in hearings and interviews as being dangerous for America. Yes, all because of Donald Trump’s off-color statements many years ago, when he was a Democrat, no less. Stunningly, while by no means do I like the comments, the GOPe’s betrayal is worse than the remarks themselves – they demonstrate a collusive effort to spin their own candidate.

Word is from Fox News that Republican leaders are meeting and wanting to replace Trump! We’re going to conduct a poll to see how this will fly with Trump voters, but from what I’ve seen on Twitter, there’s many who will never change their allegiance regardless of the establishment’s actions. No Trump/No Vote. So basically, that move would insure the end of our country’s sovereignty and Constitution. All for an 11 year old private conversation, where the legality of the tape is questionable at best.

This leads me to question whether Jason Chaffetz has the loyalty to America and passion for law enough to chair the Congressional Oversight Committee – when he can’t see the tape effort for what it is — a mere deflection nothing more. After all, Hillary is notorious for her trashing women, calling them: Bimbos, Trailer Trash, Opportunists – while trying to ruin their lives and reputations through smears and physical violence! All of her ‘views’ on women are a matter of public record, along with the interview where she laughed about getting a rapist off for raping a 12 year old who was raped so violently she was left barren after the attack. Yes, I think given this, Chaffetz now changing his endorsement to Clinton is a deplorable act that says more about him than Trump’s statements in 2005!

From YouTube Channel HILLARY for PRISON in 2016!

In a phone interview, Chaffetz proclaimed, “”I can’t tell the good people of Utah, that I endorse a person who acts like this…” [Politico-another Clinton co-conspirator see DNCLeaks July 2016 Wikileaks] yet he can tolerate a corrupt criminal! Not someone I’d like to see overseeing the FBI or the DOJ. Sorry, but it sounds to me his moral flexibility leaves him flawed beyond compare.

With our citizen Benedict Arnold, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) also chimed in and canceled his scheduled appearance with Trump today! Funny thing is, I didn’t even know Ryan had endorsed Trump – as he’s never actually issued a direct statement to this other than some oblique comments. However, neither he nor Chaffetz have ever actively campaigned for Trump during the General Election – like they did for Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the primary. In fact, I cannot recall them EVER doing any campaigning at all.

Trump’s West PA Rally – The crowds are scaring GOPe & Clinton Sleaze Machine.

This is most damning for the already fractured GOP as they did manage to give off a guise they were cohesive – but now, they swallowed the Clinton Machine pill of stupidity and have ripped away the subterfuge! There’s no walking back from their petulance at this point, and some are even up for re-election in this cycle. So now what does this hold for them?

In a Crowenation online poll, as it stands right now, 82% of the voters aren’t fazed by the Clinton Sleazy Political move. They’re still for Trump, and given from the boost in our following in the last twelve hours, it’s actually galvanized more voters to Trump’s fold. Guess there’s more deplorables and buckets of losers (said in one of Clinton’s transcripts from Wall Street Speeches – Wikileaks 10/08/2016) out there waiting to make their decision. They would rather be with a candidate whom has apologized sincerely for his statements, rather than four years of The Corrupt & The Criminals soap opera that surrounds the Clinton Crime family saga.

Seems the GOPe was just waiting for an opportunity to dump Trump on some high moral ground because they believe they’re infallible and perfect pristine; however, anyone voting for a corrupt criminal bent on destroying America has absolutely no room to discuss the moral character of anyone else.

For voters whom understand the true issues of this pivotal election, their stances have gone unchanged by the Clinton Sleaze machine. If anything, it’s only drawn them tighter to Trump than they ever were because, now, it’s us against the establishment – which is the whole reason why he rose to be our nominee in the first place.


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