GOP Candidate Most Likely Picked By Founding Fathers

In the GOP primary election cycle, we have had a variety of candidates whom all have their positives and negatives. Their stances on issues vary as wildly as their personalities. However, when you study Colonial and Presidential history, you learn so much about the founding fathers of this country. Interestingly enough, Donald J. Trump is very much like those dead white guys as Common Core creators like to call them.

First, he is a regular guy (albeit a Billionaire) whom has a desire to make this country great (again) and is dedicated to making the changes to push that aim forward. He didn’t have to run for president and take the enormous public razzing. He’s rich beyond any of our imaginations, which means, if he didn’t love America, he could move anywhere in the world and live a wonderfully fulfilling life.

Second, if one looks at his career, while he has failed (haven’t we all) he has also done everything he set out to do. When he says he’s going to do something, he does it.  He is dependable. Additionally, many founding fathers toiled with financial and personal failures but they also put it in the right perspective. After all, you can’t have success without failure to light the the way. As he told Anderson Cooper during a one-on-one town hall meeting last night, “I’m a worker.”

Third, Trump doesn’t mince words. The Political Correct Police are having a field day with their panties in a snit because he refuses to talk their polite chuck n’ jive. He’s his own man and this bothers the GOP establishment profusely, mainly because they can’t control him. He dictates his own rules. He’s a game creator/changer and this upsets their status quo apple cart.

And fourth, if you study Thomas Jefferson, Trump is just as fiery, controversial and outspoken! Jefferson turned mudslinging into an art form when he opposed Adams in the 1800 election. In fact, it almost destroyed their friendship. Yet, like Reagan and Gorbachev, Jefferson and Adams enjoyed a lifelong relationship that only ended on the same day — July 4th, 1826 — fifty years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Ironically, as if continuing their presidential race, both died within hours of one another — Adams securing the final win!

Let’s face it, as a human with your own opinions and experiences, you are never going to fully agree with any one candidate’s stance. This is such an impossible expectation, no candidate will ever measure up. Yet, the trick is to find one that is more likened to the men whom provided the bedrock of this country. It is only through finding such a person that we can expect movement to undo all the damage and erosion done to her over the last two hundred plus years. We need a candidate that will make strides to bring us back to the original focus on state and individual rights as prescribed through our Constitution. This is the key element we’ve been missing since Ronald Reagan; and like Trump, he knew we deserved better.

So, everyone, do yourselves a favor, before vilifying and demonizing Donald Trump – look up the founding fathers’ history and I think you’ll find he is the man they would’ve chosen to be our next president because his only agenda is to serve his country – the same agenda Washington, Jefferson, Reagan and all the other dead white guys who cared deeply for the United States of America.

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