Gingrich Speaks Truth

In this brief interview clip, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich explains how we still have many Obama holdovers making decisions in the Trump Administration.

Frankly, this is not only unacceptable but also very troubling. Shouldn’t the President Trump start using recess appointment procedures to purge the swamp. Or, better yet, do we really need the excess baggage in the first place?

Our government didn’t start forming this glutton of employees until Lyndon Johnson. Before him, the government was fairly streamlined with the exception of the FDR years. So why do we need all these people? Isn’t it just another grand illusion spun by globalists pushing their big government agenda down our throats?


In reality, the Federal Government has only one (YES ONE) real task, protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. This has nothing to do with trade deals, global warming mythologies and agendas or any other activity – including spying on citizens from opposing ideologies. The government glutton has become a huge monster of deceit! The government doesn’t need near the amount of employees but it’s gotten so marred down in the bureaucracy of paper-pushing, they’ve become routine.

With $20 Trillion debt hanging over the government’s head, isn’t it time to trim off all the fat. Isn’t it time our government on all levels made a quick trip to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig?

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