Food For Much Thought…

Here’s an interesting question to ponder…


While some of you may have wondered this same thing, the following is a friend’s assessment of what’s going on here and why this should become a non story sooner than later:

“The Democrats need a boogie man to explain their stunning failure and rejection of prophetic proportions and, at the same time, find a way to smear Trump. It also serves the Coser proposition of coalescing internal factions in the presence of an external enemy threat.

The only problem is no one – the president included – has presented one piece of evidence. Their hysterical echo chamber of assumptions, that are given air play and amplified by a colluding press, is the sand upon which they build their baseless arguments.

In the court of law, this is drivel, gossip, hearsay and laughably inadmissible, but in the court of public opinion – where idiots consume propaganda like candy or cocaine – the simple BIG lie repeated often serves the purpose – to fulfill Alinsky’s Rule 13 – “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Good words to take to heart as they epitomize the very fake news being shoveled down our throats on Mainstream Media since the beginning of the last election cycle.

It would also stand to reason there are many questions you must ask yourselves, like why would even GOP establishment types be so worried about what Trump and people like Tillerson will uncover that they wish to stay undetected by the public. It is no secret that John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been the forerunners of this Russian fake storyline. So you have to ask yourselves, what exactly do they really have to hide? They seem to be a bit too dodgy to merely have an interest in making our elections free from foreign actors.

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