Flowers About to Bloom

CONFIRMATION: Word has been confirmed by Gennifer Flowers directly that she will be at the First Presidential Debate featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton! As seen in her tweet from earlier today, she will not only be there but she’s in Trump’s corner, offering her support in a viral tweet!

Will this knock Ms. Clinton off her game? Seeing her former nemesis in the audience, eyeing her – knowing who she really is? For most normal Americans it would be so but with her, one never knows! Reaction or not, we’ll all be watching for those tall-tale moments of clarity and revelation should they present themselves in full glory. .

For those to young to remember her significance in the Nineties, Ms. Flowers had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas. Their secret ‘relationship’ was revealed to the world when Special Prosecutor, Kenneth Starr investigated the Monica Lewinsky incident where then-President Clinton seduced a 20-something intern; hence, using his position of power as a coercive method for sex with young, pretty White House interns.

Gennifer Flowers's tweet from today.
Gennifer Flowers’s tweet from today. (Click to go to tweet on Twitter!)

Consequently, due to his lying to a Federal Grand Jury and the American people (on numerous occasions), he was not only the second president ever to be impeached, he also was disbarred and can now never practice law. Two fine accolades as it’s almost impossible to be disbarred unless a serious infraction is committed by an attorney.

From the YouTube Channel: jw00534

Only to finally apologize and confess to his lies, but not without trying to making about his political enemies rather than his own dishonesty!

From the YouTube Channel: iconic

Note: While Presidents do have private lives, when it becomes a public disgrace and under legal scrutiny, it ceases to be private and becomes a mark on our society as a whole.

While this whole tawdry affair of the former President’s sexual predatory behavior caused much embarrassment for both of them, it wasn’t not enough to keep the Clintons out of the public eye for many years after the fact.

Flower’s presence will definitely provide some tantalizingly salacious moments for all viewers – and being the National Football League is enjoying a boycott right now, there will be a bigger audience than perhaps Ms. Clinton would’ve liked or anticipated when she forced the Monday night debate schedule.

Keep cheering, folks.

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