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I am always amazed when people in the Twitterverse claim they don’t think that Donald Trump is fiscally conservative. They apparently have not been doing their homework because it’s clear he’s more fiscally conservative than even George W. Bush (the actual originator of the now-called Obama-phone.)

It’s time to get down to brass tacks.You’re not looking to date Donald Trump. You want a strong leader that will have workable solutions to everyday problems Americans face. The GOPe and Democrats are so out of touch with what Middle America deals with to put food on their tables and keep a roof over their head, it’s pathetic.

Example: Clinton’s camp touts she’s raised $6M yesterday yet people in Louisiana are struggling to savage what water hasn’t destroyed of their heritage. She doesn’t even bother to donate through her Criminal Network – I mean “charity” to the citizens and aiding them. She would rather be woofing it up with the likes of Cher and Justin Timberlake. Sounds like a Haiti situation to me, but being that it’s Americans, Clinton couldn’t care less. Of course, given what happened to Haitians, that’s probably a good thing for folks in the South. Anything she touches turns to mud. They have enough mud down there.

Back to track: We are in a very bad economic period in our history. We have dialed back, in some cases, almost four decades – all due to the Liberals’ frivolous and wasteful economic policies — including both Bush presidencies. There has been way too much out-of-control spending in DC and not enough results.

Unlike professional politicians, Trump is used to being judged (and making his living) from producing results! There’s no promotion unless goals are met and exceeded.

You may not like Trump’s ‘temperament’ but the fact is the guy knows money and how to make it and conserve it. If his multiple decades of business in one of the toughest cities in the world isn’t enough, then nothing short of a miracle will make the Never Trumpers wake up.

Here are some images floating the ethers right now. They are frequent and regular; therefore, no one has any excuse not to know his policies.

Vote Responsibly!

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