First Hurdle Down… One More to Go!

The House just passed the Tax Reform and now it heads to the Senate for a final vote – with the strong hope it lands on President Trump’s Desk by Christmas.

Has anyone died yet?

This along with Net Neutrality repeal has Democrats going postal, stating the whole world is coming apart at the seams. It would seem Henny Penny is working in overdrive as the Left is intent on spewing fake facts and news about the Tax Reform’s affect on America. It seems to be the only thing they have left.

Let’s face it, everyone, Trump-Hating is all the Left has in their arsenal because they’ve proven time and again they have no plans to improve your lives. All their spews are amounting to basically rubbish of the highest order!

It should come as no surprise the Bill passed without any Democrat support. Hence, when you have more money this time next year for Christmas, Democrats have no place to beat the victory drum or take credit for your bright future.

Notably twelve Republicans voted against the bill because they come from high-tax states, whose constituents will not be able to write off their state and local taxes over $10,000. They are despondent over this SALT cap because their states have very high taxes – i.e. New York, New Jersey and California. Unfortunately, this is what happens when Congress and the Senate refuse to cut spending in order to give people back the money they earn!

Even before the Tax Reform Bill became a real national discussion, the markets have been rallying with gains we haven’t seen in a long, long, long time! The truth is in the pudding, folks. If you look at yesterday’s close, it was up for the 70th time this year alone. Since election day, we’ve seen the Dow go up 5,000 points and the NASDAQ along with the S&P have had monumental gains! This says a lot to Americans as they watched their 401Ks diminished over the last eight years!

The people will feel the money as the repatriation will make our economy go into the outer atmosphere of growth. Earning potential will rise and, unlike most Democrats will say, it will make America RICH again! Who in their right mind could possibly be against putting more money in their pockets?

The President congratulated everyone in a tweet:


We shall see what happens in the coming days for the Senate. As many of you know, John McCain has opted to go home rather than vote for the Bill that was designed to help Americans, hence, dodging the vote altogether. Therefore, it will be a slim vote but no doubt, Vice President Pence is on hand to come in and save the day, if needed.

Keep your fingers crossed! We’re rounding the end of this campaign promise kept!

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