Feel The Bern!

The disgusting betrayal of Bernie Sanders, backing a big bank, Wall Street and corrupt candidate like Hillary Clinton, sent his supporters reeling yesterday!

Sad to see that Bernie is not the honorable outside raider he framed himself to be. Many supporters took to social media to discuss their angst against their former hero.There’s even¬† talk about seeking donations refunds because they don’t want their money going to her. Their disdain is adamant– as of this writing, #BernieRefund trends on Twitter. Everything he preached against is emulated in Clinton’s corrupt background. Simply put, he sold them out to crony capitalism at its worst as we see more Clinton Foundation information coming to light!

Many have changed over to Donald Trump as their candidate because he’s the only outsider left. The big change is due to a variety of reasons, but they all boils down to one common denominator — Clinton.

Not only has Trump not gone back on his word, he doesn’t mince any words about her corruption and mistreatment towards women and minorities throughout her public life. People value honesty and as Congressman Trey Gowdy told Fox News, remarking on her many lies about Benghazi, “While people don’t always expect us to always be right, they do expect us to be honest.”

While Sanders made claims that he got promises from Clinton for the $15.00 minimum wage and free college, can he or his supporters really trust those promises? Her past dictates she would promise anyone anything just to get their vote and then after the votes are cast, the promises prove empty; left unfulfilled. She did it as a Senatorial Candidate. In fact, many of her supporters are hard pressed to even name one accomplishment she’s achieved both as a Senator or First Lady. Furthermore, given her propensity for lying as in her perjury statements to Congress about Benghazi, how could anyone really ever believe a thing she says again?

Bernie Sanders with Obama before throwing primary to Hillary Clinton

Furthermore, it’s also interesting to note that it was not until after his meeting with Obama, that Sanders did a turncoat on his promise to fight until the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, starting July 25-28, 2016. In fact, many Bernie’s supporters saw this meeting as him caving to the Democratic National Committee’s pressure to drop out and became skeptical whether he’d make it to the 25th.

Remember, Sanders released a statement a couple weeks back that he would vote for Clinton but not endorse her, yet, here we are, a couple weeks later, and now he’s at a rally, endorsing her.

Many have tweeted out that they are stunned of his hypocrisy and vast turnaround on Clinton. They also expressed their willingness now to look at Trump in a much different light.

Meanwhile, Clinton’s numbers are plummeting in the polls as Trump is starting to surge ahead. Some speculate it’s because of the DOJ’s failure to indict her on mishandling classified information with her downward spiral. It has been shown that over 68% of American voters do not see her as honest or trustworthy. Therefore, Sanders’ endorsement is a decisive sword through his supporters’ collective heart, which saw him as an honest man — that it, until yesterday!

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