FBI: The Dog Ate the Text Messages

Seems like a most unbelievable excuse but we’re all supposed to buy it, right? The thought of the FBI being technologically inept is about as believable as believing Manson was a preacher of God!

They are hardly deleted forever. As any IT person will tell you, like Hillary’s emails, the text messages are not lost at all. They are somewhere in the possession of someone who has the power now to release them at will. Those are just the facts in the situation, regardless of the Media’s narrative du jour.

Why won’t they release the text messages?

It’s quite obvious isn’t it? Think about it. They release the text messages of our favorite Bonnie & Clyde lovebirds in the FBI and what do you think they’ll reveal? Not mindless musings between two morally corrupt cheaters – hence, why they’re supposedly ‘missing’.

Word on the street is the texts pertain to the ‘insurance policy’ FBI shark Peter Strzok told his gullible gal pal about after their big pow wow with Andy McCabe. Remember that beaut? The dates tell the story – the texts after the election through to May 2017. The timing makes the story all the more unbelievable to right thinking people who have been around the block a few times.

Are they afraid of public outcry? Sure but this is their way to BS around it by not releasing them. However, we forget the NSA has everything! Apparently, the FBI forgot that small factoid as well – just like they did with the Clinton Email pseudo-investigation.

The Ugly Truth…

Folks, this is just more evidence to tell you, DC thinks we’re all morons. They believe we are stupid and willing buy any narrative, no matter how ridiculous, they set forth in the Media. Are you really as stupid as they believe?

It’s quite interesting to watch the Twitter feeds burn through this sham explanation as more people are catching on that this is just another ‘show’ for the folks at home.

Wake up, kids, they are working hard to misinform you and it’s up to every citizen to educate themselves on multiple levels. $10K Hint: Look for patterns in behaviors and events to give you clues as to outcomes.

Fasten your seatbelts, Ladies and Gentlemen. We’re in for some turbulence but, no doubt, this plane will right itself in a short while.

PS: Aliens also ate my Buick!

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