FBI GONE WILD! How DARE James Comey Do His JOB!

He must be working for the Russians…

Much fodder has played out on the airwaves over the weekend and today about the FBI reopening the Clinton Email Investigation. Many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, have said the investigation is not open but yes, it was reopened. No review is in progress, it’s now a time game.

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The problem Democrats and other opponents trying to rip this story into some downplay is they seem to forget one thing… FBI Director James Comey is a law enforcement agent. He had to have PROBABLE CAUSE to reopen his investigation – and it was his duty, given his testimony in early October, to clue in Congress he was doing so. He couldn’t just ‘do it on the sly.’ He chose to make this public because he’s not living in a vacuum. He is probably well aware of the scrutiny he’s been under – not only from his own agency but the public over his actions last July.

Armchair prosecutors really need to get their facts and legal definitions straight before going on shows and making a mockery of our legal system. Our jurisprudence has withstood some pretty dicey moments, but this one really takes the cake. On Twitter, we’ve seen people scream, it’s Double Jeopardy and unlawful. Well, I hate to break it to the armchairers but Double Jeopardy is something that happens after someone is acquitted in a court of law.

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Clinton was never acquitted because she never stood trial. She never stood trial because she was never charged and indicted for violating the litany of charges that fact her now. A whole host of these misinformed accusations are said in talking points, but for some reason Democrats and their pundits seem to lose their legal sensibility when seething with animosity for an agency just a few days ago, they thought was the best thing since sliced bread.

Mind you, many of these pundits are attorneys along with Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin and others in the hierarchy also called the Clinton syndicate. The problem is no laws have been broken by the FBI and this ‘unprecedented’ situation was in fact of her own doing and no one else’s. She’s definitely an unprecedented candidate and not in a good way.

Too many unprecedented things have occurred in this election and all the moments leading up to it. The fact that no sitting President has ever used Air Force One and taxpayer money to go ‘campaigning’ is another one. Sure, the sitting Presidents have endorsed candidates but not schedule Town Hall meetings and rallies sans the candidate they’re endorsing. They also never engaged in vote-shaming voters by saying it would be a personal affront if people didn’t vote for his favorite. Nor would insult voters’ intelligence by heralding a candidate as being better than Thomas Jefferson, John Adams or George Washington – men who helped frame this country and physically fought to ‘make it happen!’

This is a Republic. It’s designed in such a way where two (or more) candidates present people with their ideas and let the best man or woman win – not the Jerry Springer slamfest that it’s become over the last thirty years. Ironically, the real sleaze began when the Clintons entered the national scene with their dirty politics and strong arming tactics which says more about them than their opponents.

It seems the Democrats like to throw around hypocrisy like confetti when their own previous actions don’t suit their current goals. For example, the whole hoopla over Scalia’s seat where the “Biden Rule” has been enforced but a Republican-run House. Named after Uncle Joe, the rule states no appointments during an election year. Last I checked, Joe has always been a Democrat so there’s no other party to blame for this one.

Second, the Hatch Act… it’s okay for the President to jet around on Air Force One, promoting a candidate but it’s not okay for Comey to do his job?

Third, and my personal favorite is, in July, Comey was the Belle of the Ball. He was the Democrats’ biggest hero; their darling; their champion! The butt-kissing during hearings from the Democrats (particularly disgraced MD Rep. Elijah Cummings) was at a fever pitch, so much so, I thought they were going to give him a set of wings and a halo. The sugar was melting off their tongues as they talked him up and exuded warm fuzzy galore!

Yet, since last Friday, all of the sudden, he’s the scum of the F#*&(g Earth? How could he go from Sainthood to the Devil Incarnate in record time is just astonishing to me. It’s so bad that DNC darling, Donna Brazile went through her old FBI love tweets today and deleted Big Jim from her timeline. She just washed that man right out of her hair in a New York second. Nice… with fans like that, who needs enemies. Yes, he’s been Rob Lowe-ized by the Left and most unceremoniously at that!

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-11-15-17-amDirector Comey is going through a huge divorce from the Democrat elite class and it’s as ugly as it gets, folks! They’re scorned him,  trying to scorch the Earth to remove this malfeasance misfit ex-Saint from their presence. I’m just waiting to hear from the Fake James Comey Victim who was molested on a plane or groped by him on the streets of DC.

I’ll admit, I’m still a bit dodgy when it comes to Director Comey because, after all, he turned our jurisprudence upside down last July after a long career built on honesty, integrity and a staunch monogamy to the law. He was supposed to be our modern day Eliot Ness turned into some dirty cop since July – this said, I’m still trying to understand where the man was coming from with his provocative stance.

Yes, while we’ve all heard about the Clinton Foundation investigation from the DC Caller and Breitbart, we’ve been the insiders because apparently, the Democrats and their talking heads didn’t know about all that Clinton Cash stuff, I’ll admit, every time I hear the FBI was involved in anything, I just roll my eyes.

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At this point, CNN and fellow MSM cheerleading squads along with the political pundit class are making utter fools of themselves. They look completely nonsensical and out of touch. Are we witnessing what infantile temper tantrums look like? Indeed so.

Here’s the simple truth: If Clinton had really wanted to be president, then she would’ve kept her nose clean not delved deeper into corruption and criminality. Fact is, she’s greedy and the party is all about her! No one else exists in that fantasy land but Hillary and the surfs who adore her. Be Damned to all the others. Sound familiar? “Let them eat cake?” Hey, didn’t the people eat that queen’s head? I believe so.

The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. While not a huge Bernie fan and didn’t burn over him like his millennials did – he was a decent fellow. He didn’t have sex, lies, death and evidence swirling around him. The DNC – as we’ve learned from several leaks – colluded and cheated to have Clinton as their gal pal nominee. They got her. Unvetted and all. So to say it’s the Russians or Big Jim or Trump or that mystical purple cloud, vast Right Wing Conspiracy makes them look immature and unfit for their own positions in our society – much less talking on the idiot box.

Frankly, the Democrats did their party and votes a grave disservice by giving the worst and most corrupt candidate in US Election History. They should’ve known better. It was through their own gross negligence that got them what they have on the tin foil platters today! While Democrats are fantastic at dishing out toxic waste, they aren’t very good at taking law enforcement doing their jobs – finally!

Another thing I’d like to note is this: If Wikileaks, DCLeaks, Guccifer, et. al. could have this much blackmail material on Clinton, isn’t it just a bit scary to you that the rest of the world has it as well? Think about that one, friends!

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