FALSE FLAGS: Is the CIA & Russia Just Pawns in Fake Narrative?

An engaging article came out this morning from our friends at True Pundit, which does cite a CIA analyst source whom stated the Washington Post article from last Friday about Russians hacking the election as being completely FALSE! The source goes on to affirm this claim has been further reinforced by the FBI prior to the election. Within the WaPo article, they admit, there was no known source, but it’s buried deep among the allegations and flawed talking points.

“It’s an outright lie,” a CIA analyst divulged to True Pundit. “There’s nothing definitive like that. There are leads from activity originating in Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Britain, France, China and Russia.” — True Pundit 12/12/2016

On the Sunday morning news shows, lamestream media continued to promote this erroneous fiction, wasting valuable interview time with Donald Trump, asking pointless inquires about fabrications. A flagrant waste considering the fact his transition is doing more for America than we’ve seen over the last five presidents’ administrations combined, deserves much more coverage than falsehoods and fairy tales.

Chris Wallace from Fox News Sunday tasked the hard question to Trump about the Russians and was immediately shot down. The fact these so-called hard news journalists like Wallace would venture down this fake narrative road is comically trite.  It also continues to prove why MSM has become an untrusted source for real news.

Now for some talking sense…

On this morning’s talk show, Laura Ingraham and Byron York raised an interesting query that this whole fabrication could prove to be a last-ditched effort on the part of the #NeverTrumpers like John McCain and Lindsay Graham. Over the last forty-eight hours, both Trump naysayers have leaped on this fakery and circulated to every news show stupid enough to listen in order to hawk their ‘concerns’ about Russian influence — not just for the election but also Tillerson being proposed as Secretary of State. As many of you already know, rumors swirled since last Friday that Rex Tillerson, former Exxon CEO, is favored for the high position, leaving Graham and McCain frazzled about his Russia discussions as a Big Oil chairman.

Questions: Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev worked very hard to forge a solid alliance between our countries so why are these senators all of the sudden so upset about having a working relationship with Russia? Shouldn’t America want to work and play well with as many countries as possible in order to maintain world peace and prosperity?

Furthermore, why would McCain be troubled about Tillerson’s previous dealings, particularly Russia? Is there more there here than meets the eye? Is he afraid Tillerson will unmask some duplicity he doesn’t want exposed? All good questions that we doubt McCain nor Graham will ever answer.

Could this be a Never Trump death rattle? Could it be a DNC last gasp for relevancy? Could it be both? Would have to say the third option seems most plausible because both looked ridiculous on Election Night. They were all wrong and underestimated Trump’s ability to move and inspire people to vote for him in states who have run blue for decades!

Just a question for you to ponder as you go through your day because with the revelations this morning:

Could this all be politically motivated — to thwart the Electoral College vote coming up on December 19th and/or undermine all the accomplishments the Trump team has already done before the big 19th date?

Hence, it appears the CIA and Russians are being framed to forward some Never Trump/DNC face-saving balderdash to make Americans doubt their choice than any viable threat to our electoral process by outside agents. Frankly, this is quite an imprudent ruse indeed considering no one in their right mind, would want either either as a sworn enemy. Additionally, it just goes to show how absolutely desperate some are to retain relevancy long after their hour has passed.

What’s next?

Are they now going to pitch us that because Russia has Red as one of its state colors, the Republicans, also being Red, must be some arm of the Russian motherland? McCarthyism gone modern times! Didn’t work the first time so why would anyone think it would work out now?

Only politicians seem to come up with this kind of half-baked garbage because, after all, they have way too much free time on their hands.

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