Excellent News from The Left!

The Democrats are still unable to comprehend a President Trump, so they continue their hysterical nonsense with fancy declarations and meaningless drivel.

This week, both John Lewis (D-GA) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) have announced they will “skip” President Trump’s the State of Union Address at the end of this month. Problem is for them, does anyone really care if they’re there or not? Would think a lion’s share of the people who know who these two are, won’t have their meters moved one way or another.

The fact is, folks, not many Americans have been blown over by the various machinations on the Left over the last year. Yes, it’s been a year since Trump took office, yet they continue their visceral temper tantrum that seems to have no end in sight. They’re failure to grasp reality is stunning considering everything they’ve tried to achieve has fallen flat.

Russian Dressing and impeachment hysteria has only yielded a stronger base for the President – not diminish it. In reality, the Democrats like Lewis and Waters are losing ground with voters throughout the country. Now there’s a push more than ever to make sure Republicans retain the Senate and House because of their truculence and apparent apathy for Americans’ lives.

For example, both Maxine Waters and John Lewis was demonstratively absent at the Martin Luther King, Jr. dedication yesterday at the White House. Why wasn’t he present when he’s hung his whole career and stature on the fact he was with Dr. King in Selma? Wouldn’t it have been wise to be there to promote the Civil Rights Movement from the Sixties and it’s leader instead of pissing over who the President is?

Of course, why would we be surprised considering Lewis also didn’t attend the Civil Rights Museum opening because he was more interested in whining over President Trump?

Looks like they all their warm fuzzy speak is about getting votes not about promoting Black America or acknowledging their history! Empty words.

Frankly, along with Lewis and Waters, the State of the Union Address would be all the better if all Democrats decided to sit it out because it’s clear America First is not their thing.  Why should they even bother to fake it, even for just an hour or two?

Maybe they should just ‘keep it real’ for a change and continue to show their true colors to the world. Their solidarity vote against you having extra money should’ve been a dead giveaway where their true alliances lie at this point. It’s not like we haven’t gotten that 411 by this point anyway!

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