Espionage: Why is Big Jim walking the Streets?

It’s always sad when someone believes he’s above the law — without justifiable merit…

In his Senate Judiciary Hearing, private citizen James Comey admitted to purposefully leaking information through an intermediary to the press about his meetings with President Trump – all privileged information and not property of his own, contrary to his belief. His justification was because he  was “uncomfortable” around the President and he wanted a Special Counsel appointed.

While its ironic that he used to head the FBI where leakers were supposed to be investigated, Comey thinks he’s above the law somehow. Why? At this point, we don’t know, but one thing is for sure, he is a sick twist to believe there’s any justification for his actions – no matter how disgruntled he is for his unceremonious termination.

Didn’t Reality Winner just get busted for printing off some NSA documents and leaking it to the Intercept? Isn’t she sitting in jail without bail? So why is Jim Comey walking the streets?

I recall his speech in Boston on March 6th, where he brazenly declared to his audience that we were ‘stuck’ with him for another six years. I guess six years just got a lot shorter on May 9th. It was almost as if he was baiting and taunting the President into giving him the boot.

I’d say he overestimated his ‘power to influence people’ because the only person who came out of last Thursday’s hearing looking like a criminal was Comey, not Trump.

The Espionage Act is a very important one, which has been altered many times over the years. Back in Ethel and Julius Rosenberg days, espionage got you the electric chair (or hung in some cases) but today, it seems no one bats an eye about the violations. Look at Comey as a prime example of this growing problem within our government and the Media.


This link will take you to the actual law, and as a concerned voter, you should all inform yourselves on these laws firsthand. It’s never good to rely on the Media or talking pundits to interpret them and have it be your own source of reference. By familiarizing yourselves with these laws – and the history behind them – you only make yourselves more informed and responsible voters.

Within this law, there is no difference between a government informant or the person who prints classified or privileged material. There is no difference at all. Therefore, why are journalists not being brought to task for their own culpability in the printing (or reporting) of said information? In the March Hearing with Comey, he admitted to Trey Gowdy (R) it is not prosecuted, but the question is why?

Journalists should be held accountable right along with James Comey for violations of this act. Remember, our jurisprudence is based on blind justice – you know, unbiased, impartial and without prejudice!

It’s time people, especially ‘high ranking officials’ who leak and those who print said leaks should be brought to justice. This is not censorship because much of the information leaked puts our lives in peril.

Why is Big Jim still walking the street? At this point, we don’t know — but with Jeff Sessions’s testimony about his dedication to busting leakers, I’d say Jimmy the Weasel should be very worried. He’s walking on borrowed time!

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