ENOUGH with the Russians Already!

This story has gotten seriously old and worn out beyond comprehension…

Ever since the election, everyday actually, there’s been some different hysteria going on with the politicians and MSM that has gone way too far. The DC squatters have done everything in their power to retain power! Yet, they’ve done absolutely nothing for the working class in this country that pays their salaries. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

First, McCain and his evil twin Graham just happened to leak a dossier about Donald Trump pissing on some bed and having kinky sex which was all ginned up nonsense because the Toxic Twins DC style can’t deal with the fact their guy pal Jeb didn’t get through the first month in the primaries.

Then, we had Pelosi, who doesn’t even realize that George W. Bush isn’t our President anymore, with her buddy Schumer, whining and making vows to stop progress while Princess Fauxahontas screams at any cameraman stupid enough to film her jags for all the world to see. It’s just a silly circus of stupidity and idiocy.

As of recent we’ve seen all this garbage about Russians hijacking elections and talking with General Flynn about sanctions – oh, call the cops, the LOGAN ACT!

If the Democrats, Neocons and MSM were really that interested in National Security, we’d like to know, Where the hell were you when the Clintons were selling 20% of our uranium, allowing North Korea to have a path to nuclear weapons along with India? You weren’t pissing and moaning about it then, so why now? Why now, when we have a president wo really is working for a change, are they pissing up that tree?

Let’s face it, people, both parties have been utterly and completely deplorable. They’ve both done everything humanly possible to do everything but actually help Americans with the issues that secured the White House for President Trump. The real truth is, DC hasn’t waged war with Russia, they’ve declared war against the American people!

Use your noodles, kids, the Republicans gave this sad-sack story about how they tried to repeal Obamacare how many times when Obama was president, yet now, they walk back and claim they have no solid plan? Really? I call bull!

It’s about BOTH Parties, not just Democrats!

The fact is, they all get kickbacks from that disaster – Republicans and Democrats alike. They’ve made money making America SICK not again, just sick! Therefore, the whole repeal and replace was all balderdash for everyone but President Trump. He really has a desire to do what he said during his campaign. Unlike the professional politicians, he got into this dog and pony show to make every American’s life better. He wasn’t just blowing smoke up everyone’s tush!

Contrary to what Democrats and their lapdog media would have you believe, President Trump isn’t a fascist but a humanitarian. One most of us voted for. Oh, don’t even start with that popular vote nonsense, because there’s way too many videos and evidence that Clinton didn’t win the popular vote…do don’t even go there because your pleas only fall on deaf ears. Get a grip.

And for the protestors. Bought and paid for pimps for Soros and his merry band of thieves. Sorry, but no one believes you’re out there because of some altruistic gesture with bleeding hearts for illegal aliens’ families. If they really wanted to keep their families together they wouldn’t have committed the crime of coming here without the proper paperwork. And there’s no such thing as a law abiding illegal alien because the minute they stepped in this country illegally or overstayed their visa illegally, they became lawbreakers – that’s not law abiding by any stretch of the imagination… even the Democrats’ colorful fairy tales.

Now we have Democrats and Republicans alike pissing and moaning over Russians………AGAIN! Knock it off. Get a grip. We’re not stupid. We can clearly see you’re doing everything but dealing with the matters at hand. So let me boil it down for you in plain English:

  • JOBS




FOUR ITEMS: Not a long laundry list. In fact it’s basic and succinct – so much so a second grader can understand, yet our legislators don’t seem to be able to connect the dots. There’s nothing about Russians or any other big red shiny object DC likes to fixate on for the moment. Until you get those four things done, then all the rest is garbage. Fix what you’ve broken to feather your own nests.

We’ve got 96 Million people out of the workforce — that’s over ten times the entire five borough population of New York City! That’s almost five times the entire population of the state of New York! Those unemployed people are hurting and in need of employment so they can be self-supporting, then, they make their own version of the American Dream become their reality.

Is this really that hard to ascertain for the politicians? The unemployed today aren’t interested in popcorn infighting stories about Russians and hurt itty bitty feelings. Many have families who need to eat and have power; there’s not interested in all your pissing matches and nonsense. Those are the refugees DC people need to be concerned about because it’s basic economics.


For a country as rich and prosperous as America used to be, this is simply unacceptable that people are slaving away while DC is running around sticking their faces in cameras while talking nonsense about phone calls and confirmation hearings. Frankly, it’s gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and it has to stop!

This is the situation, in plain language and small bits so it can’t be misconstrued.

For Democrats: Had you not had a career criminal candidate who cheated in both the primary and general elections; and had a real plan to fix the problems Americans face everyday, your party wouldn’t be on it’s death bed.

For Republicans: Quit blowing the opportunity we gave you and do your damn jobs!

For the Media: you wouldn’t have lost credibility if A) you weren’t so hysterical about every little thing, B) weren’t completely obsessed with Donald Trump, C) told the Truth for a change and D) didn’t sell your souls to the DNC and then got found out.

The baseline fact is this, the reason President Trump came to be is people are frankly sick and tired of all the piffle going on in Washington. We want results and we want them yesterday. There shouldn’t be any great mystery about this so, politicians – do yourselves a favor – quit pissing and moaning; do your JOBS! Make it work!


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