#ElectionDay Win Wasn’t Just About #Trump, It’s About America!

This election season has been one of the roughest in our history. It has spurred much controversy in both parties; however, the destruction of the Democratic National Committee has been stunningly lethal as the truth came out thanks to Wikileaks about the inner workings of a crime syndicate most never fathomed. We learned just how nefarious their whole operation was with the collusion better the DNC, Clinton’s Campaign and the Mainstream Media, we also became acutely aware of just how far they went to cover up Hillary Clinton’s crimes as well as the sham known as the Clinton Foundation.

Media Colluders

Yes, we’ve learned a lot since the election with the George Soros-financed paid agitators whom have terrorized our cities since November 8th’s staggering victory where Donald Trump won both the popular and electoral votes to secure the White House come January 20, 2017.

Rumors of petitions and other stupid activities by desperate liberals have permeated the airwaves, while media outlets like the New York Times issues false apologies for treating Trump with uneven handling during the whole cycle. Mind you, their complicity is captured with literally hundreds of emails in the Podesta and DNC treasure troves on Wikileaks, but the pony up this apology largely for financial reasons as the floundering paper is finally getting fiscal woes from their behavior.

While elated that Trump won an auspicious victory on Tuesday, there is a couple of things patriots must remember. Our job is far from over. We still have much work to do to drain the swamp that’s grown throughout our nation’s capital for a long, long time. The swamp is so muddied, we can’t sit back and think our jobs are completely. It is up to us, on the guidance of our forefathers, to continue to stay engaged and in the know, watching every move they make in DC from here on out.

Most in America – especially those making fools of themselves with their liberal tears and looting in the name of political discord – have absolutely no earthly clue the calamity we just evaded. Most have no fathomable thought as to the ramifications of what a “Clinton America” would’ve looked like because, let’s face it, most walk around thinking it could never happen here. We live in a cloud where our judgments are muddled by the media whom, as we see it now, is only propagating what their handlers wish for us to think.

Pop Prophecy from Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Pop Prophecy from Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

The world today would continue to be overcast by the imminent globalism, the continued destruction of our Middle Class through money suckers like Obamacare, TPP and other global initiatives had we continued the course our liberal friends wanted us to – all for the sake of having the first female president.

While I’m more than open to a female president, the Clintons’ scandalous disingenuousness was far too much to stomach as yet another four-year experiment. We can make our historical statements when they also mesh with solid economic sense coupled with strong values in our rule of law. We need not vote for corruption and criminality just for sake of race, creed, sex or color. Sorry, our presidential position is far too impactful on our entire country (and world) for such insidious fodder.

Tuesday was one hell of a crap shoot with our individual and collective futures at stake — and while some got the gravity of the situation, most just thought it was an average election day! It’s up to us to now keep our eyes on the prize unlike ever before and keep a watch over the people vote for — this includes President Elect Trump!

Congratulations America, we’ve passed the interview phase of this programming – now the real test begins; whether or not we stay on top of the game…

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