E Pluribus Unum

Much talk has occurred over the last few months here about racial tension in America. I’m sure you’re already rolling your eyes and thinking, why is Thornton bringing this up again?

Simple. Because it matters.

The fact is gang, we’ve all been played and not just by the DNC but everyone in our government looking to to protect the globalist agenda – this includes the Media.

We see E Pluribus Unum everywhere in America’s symbology. It’s even on the United States Seal. What does it mean? Forensically and literal translation from Latin, it means, ‘one out of many.’ However, what does it really mean to Americans?

You all may remember a few years back, there was a man name Andrew Breitbart, who died mysteriously one evening while walking after dinner in Beverly Hills, California. On March 1, 2012, he was only 43 when he died from what they said was a heart attack. Although, I have my doubts as many others do that any heart condition was really the case,  nonetheless, that’s the ‘official’ claim.

Some of you may have read his books or watched his speeches. He was well versed in American politics. Many of you are familiar with Breitbart as many posts here, direct you to his site to read about various happenings in our world.

In today’s web of corrupt MSM, you find his site is among the few news centers that truly reports news without the paid propaganda by the Globalist Machine. After his death, while he hasn’t made it sainthood, yet, he has left us a hearty legacy for which we can learn much from. But more importantly, he left us with the way to really scrutinize our world in a political sense.

Known for his provocatively candid speeches, Breitbart never minced words about his observations regarding our government and the manipulation of the elite ruling class in America. In his unPC manner, his lectures often prompted lively back-and-forth between himself and his audience. While lecturing at the University of Redlands and a La Raza student got up and called him a racist. His comeback made as much sense then as it does today and I’m surprised we don’t hear more about it since the rise of BLM.

Cultural Marxism.

Marxism is when you have a division between have and have nots. It divides and categorizes people. When the Elite (and that’s not just Democrats anymore) decided that wouldn’t work in America – the land of opportunity – in order to bring about a division, they twisted it into cultural rather than class. Therefore, now you have oppressed verses the oppressor. Brilliant right? It makes perfect sense when you look at all the race baiting of recent years. Divide people into racial enclaves and keep them thinking all the others have it against them.

And it’s been dividing us ever since.

While real racism from the post-Reconstruction days was very real, the racism touted today by many is fabricated based on lies proffered by the government and media in order to divide our nation. Why? United we stand, divided we fall. Hence, e pluribus unum. We area all one! And by being one, it means all of us from all races in America – as citizens – have our own collective culture, spirit and semblance of oneness. While we do have racial differences, we are all equal in ever sense and the divides are not as big as the elite would love us to believe.

Let’s face it, we all want security in whatever form we chose that security to be. Our wants across racial lines are not all that different from one another. Yet, the media and politicians tells us we are so grossly different and that harmony comes at a price – we have to stomp out one citizen’s right to accommodate another. Absolutely FALSE!

Take the 8 minutes out of your day and watch his speech. It will surely give you some food for thought.

E Pluribus Unum beats multiculturalism…

Let me know your reactions without being insulting to one another.

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