Dripping Faucets

It is no surprise that many in our government never wanted President Trump to be elected. They were appalled by the thought of a mere commoner would dare to even run for president and the fact it was Donald Trump only compounded their disdain. Therefore, it only makes sense for them to do whatever possible to cause trouble.

People have to remember the DC cartel sees themselves as the elites and this is a bipartisan belief system that goes back to just after Lincoln. The situation has only gained steam throughout the years. Think about it. When was the last time you could physically talk to your representatives? People like Ben Cardin and Chris Coons love to act like they’re talking for ‘their constituents,’ but seldom do they ever interact with those people – that is, unless they’re pimping for votes.

The Michael Flynn situation is just one of many we’ll see where the Liberals and Neocons stuck in this bourgeois attitude will attempt to take down anyone involved in the White House Administration. Consider those who supposedly ‘warned’ the Administration: Sally Yates (fired acting AG), John Brennan (former CIA Director) and James Clapper (former DNI Director)? All whom hate even the thought of a Trump presidency. Not the most supportive band of thieves whom have never put the American people above their own self-interests and enrichment.

Here’s an interesting note: The leakers have committed a crime by leaking – isn’t that after all, why the Left and NEOCons are so adamantly against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? Think about it.

It’s a shame a great patriot like General Flynn would be the first casualty because it puts our lives at risk. The real deal is the whole situation should’ve been handled internally without all of us being pulled into the emotional battle. However, the leaks don’t care about the public nor our safety and they’ve made this abundantly clear. This is the very reason why the political game in DC is so detested by Middle America and a good reason why an outsider like President Trump was elected last year.

As a public whom depends on government doing its job, we must learn to use common sense and look at the actors around any given situation. Hence, when someone says, “The Justice Department warned during the transition…” it should be a huge glaring red light because we all remember what Loretta Lynch did while acting as Attorney General. Her unscrupulous action of meeting Bill Clinton on a plane while both of them were under several FBI investigations, should tell you everything you need to know about her lack of ethics, character or principles. Not only was this a dereliction of her duty and office, it was a massive ethics violation which should’ve gotten her promptly disbarred as it violates the bar standards in every state in America.

When we look at the people involved in these so-called ‘leaks’ remember they can come from people who are not high on the food chain in DC but have been promised big pay back from nefarious actors like Hillary Clinton. Given her current predicament with the multiple Clinton Foundation criminal investigations along with the email server still coming at her, she has much to pay people off for – so it shouldn’t surprise anyone she still continues her ‘moles’ infiltrating the system to keep her up to speed.

The best course of action is to continue to support the President and see things for what they are instead of what you’re being told by a media that’s been proven to be in the tank with Clinton and her merry band of co-conspirators. In short, you must think smart instead of falling for their hysterical headlines because, after all, Wikileaks proved time and again over the summer and fall, they get their talking points directly from her.

The real question here is the leaks and why was the FBI tapping General Flynn to begin with! Wasn’t it Director James Comey that has an illegal order from Robert Kennedy to J. Edgar Hoover to illegally tap Martin Luther King, Jr. on his desk? It was told that he kept it there to serve as a reminder of how power can be abused and how it should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, why is he authorizing wire taps during the Trump Transition when there’s no reason for it? Doesn’t this make him as complicit in this crime as Yates, Brennan and Clapper? Trust Trump and his advisors will get to the bottom and ferret out all the rats.

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