Don’t You Get It? Democrats No Longer Represent America!


The fact is Democrats are no more for America than that crazy kid in North Korea poised to nuke us in less than an hour!

In fact, they’re on the same side. Ironically, we’re finding more and more, America’s real enemy is living among us, walking around us everyday… and yet, we seem to ignore it. Why?

With the last dust up with North Korea, it’s become more apparent than ever before the Democrat Party no longer represents American values or the people who hold them. Is this acceptable anymore?

It’s time we all had a Come to Jesus moment and realize the truth about the Liberal party here in America. All we’ve seen over the last few years is supporting illegal aliens, criminals, deviants and others who hate everything about us. So why do some continue to support this party of hate? Is it out of deference to what the Democrats history? If so, they most likely don’t understand the Democrats’ history at all.

It seems they forget the fact that the Democrats started the Klu Klux Klan because they didn’t want Blacks to be free. They wanted them to stay in slavery and formed in order to terrorize the black population post-Civil War. They have drug us into war after war without so much as “I’m sorry” for all the deaths and money frivolously wasted that resulted. While Johnson passed Civil Rights, he didn’t enforce it — it wasn’t until Richard Nixon that the Civil Rights law was enacted. (Nixon was a Republican for all of you who don’t know our history!)

The Democrats’ disrespect toards our Constitution and laws is notorious as we’ve seen with the immigration issues surfacing in recent months. So how can any red blooded American cannot possibly proffering this as a way we should run this country if they hold any of its values.

When I say values, it is about a push towards excellence, innovation, prosperity and the ability to enjoy inalienable rights that are prescribed by God. Not intimidation, fear, coercion, extortion and self-enrichment at the expense of those who elected them. The Democrats have lost all semblance of allegiance to us and our country.

All this aside, the Democrats are providing with every passing day, they are no longer pro-America. The elected officials within the party have done nothing to embolden Americans or put their needs above their own. They have continued to careen down this highway of hate in spite of the many good things President Trump has accomplished.

One would think they would be happy with seeing jobs coming back to the US, but instead, they complain and argue for other countries getting our money instead of fixing up our own country where deficits exist. We’ve seen it many times.

Sending billions to North Korea yet some of our bridges collapse due to age. We send billions to Iran while our interstate systems suffer from potholes and crumbling to the point where they’re almost untravelable. And these are just two of millions of examples of how Democrats have sent our tax money to other countries while letting our country fall into disrepair. All under some guise of altruism which is really rooted in their own self-interest, not America’s.

Can you, Democrats, honestly say that Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Maxine Waters really represent what you want for yourself or your families? If so, what the hell are you doing here in America? Wouldn’t a country more aligned with this dictator mentality be much better suited for you?

When the second in charge of the DNC promotes a mentally unhinged dictator like Kim Jong-Un, what are we to think? He has sided with the NK and their ability to kill us without a second thought, which leads one to wonder: Do all people understand, the Democrats would rather North Korea nuke us than stand behind our chosen President? At the end of the day, that one question is really where it’s at and one that Democrat supporters should be forced to answer.

Isn’t it time we embraced the fact: Democrats hate America! They hate everything we hold dear. They hate our freedom. They hate our values. In short, they simply hate us as a country and on an individual basis.

How much more evidence do you need to confirm this idea?


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