Do You Really Know Ted Cruz? My Guess is, Probably Not!

By Thornton Crowe

cruzA lot of talk in the GOPe circles lately, saying they may have to throw support to a wildly unpopular senator, Ted Cruz (R-TX), by holding their noses – so to speak – is more to demonstrate to voters how much they hate Trump. Even Republican RINO, Lindsay Graham (R-SC) has been caught talking on the airwaves about his disdain but endorsement that may be thrown Cruz’s way as their boy Rubio (R-FL) isn’t making the bill in this primary season.

But what the GOPe isn’t telling you is something more dark and nefarious. A couple posts back, I enlightened you with a post regarding his ties to the Christian extremist, Kevin Swanson. A most delightful minister who proposes for mass extermination of our homosexual population – an act that Hitler and the Third Reich performed in their Final Solution, resulting in the death of millions of Jewish and other dissenters.

However, Senator Cruz has another albatross hanging around his neck – his homage to Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC 1973-2003). Why is this so dastardly? There are a plethora of reasons but here’s the main reason this is not what we desire in the White House – ever – even if it’s just for a spot of tea.

helmsJesse Helms died in 2008; however, his legendary stance against integration, Civil Rights and all things segregation were vilified in a Washington Post article by David S. Broder, the year of his death. Helms was no stranger to race baiting only his stance was he was a white racist. When he was campaigning, one of his adverts was clearly demonstrative of his rejection of Affirmative Action as it poised white people to believe the only reason they weren’t getting jobs was because the employers had to give the job to a minority. To further galvanize his position, he filibustered for sixteen days straight against making Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday into a national holiday. Furthermore, a opponent of Civil Rights, he stated, “and called the Civil Rights Act “the single most dangerous piece of legislation ever introduced in the Congress.” Simply put, he was an unabashed segregationist that never appreciated any equality and forwarded white supremacy at every turn.

Helms’s Campaign Advertisement from 1990 (NC)

Fast forward to March 2015, an article by Judd Legum on states, Cruz’s speech at the Heritage Foundation (around September 2013) was disturbing because not only did he praise Helms; proudly relaying the first contribution to a politician he ever made was to him – he also said, “…We need a hundred more like Jesse Helms in the US Senate.” Watch the video below and hear it from his own mouth. No disputing or editing in this clip. It’s complete and unedited.

After the last eight years of a race baiting, ACORN, Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, and other white hate groups promoted by Obama and the Democrats, can we really afford another four years with Ted Cruz dividing and segregating our country even further into the abyss? At a time where racial divides are so strained and present, it’s suicide for us to fall prey to the clandestine backstory of Cruz’s ‘sealed’ other life.

Haven’t we had enough of the “sealed” background candidates and politicians who say one thing while doing another?

And to think of how many times he has repeated the false narrative of the Trump/Duke story… how hypocritical to say the least. Almost sickening given his statements regarding one of America’s most racists Senators in modern times. With a hero like this, is it any wonder why he doesn’t have warm fuzzies inside the Beltway?

Think long and hard about this, folks. This election is far from any laughing matter.

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