Disturbing Precedent Retread

Most disturbing is this video posted to Alex Jones’s site, Info Wars. While it’s hard to explain, given the reputation James Comey had with legal luminaries like Rudy Giuliani, this is a damning bit of evidence that could end his career in law enforcement… permanently.

Should he be involved with the Clinton Foundation in a nefarious way, he will have more trouble than he bargained for with his former boss at the US Federal Courts in New York City.

While there is speculation that coercion was used against Comey in order to keep Hillary Clinton from going through a criminal trial, one has to wonder with such former prosecutors like Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on record as having suspicions, it doesn’t look good for the FBI Director, whose very career hangs in the balance.

During his hearing last week, it was clear from Rep. Gowdy’s expression that he was not taking the bait or buying what Comey was saying in any way. Known for his hardball stance and tenancy to call fowl directly to the person, it would appear that he was unimpressed with the FBI Director’s testimony and obvious fast-talk about the law.

In all honesty, while hoping this is a misunderstanding or a case of bad optics, it’s not looking good at all and can be a part of Comey and the Clintons’ undoing.

In Clinton Cash, the elaborate matrix of deals between the Clintons and several entities, including corporate and private investors as well as foreign countries, has shown to enrich them at the expensive of the American public.

Can we truly believe Clinton is ever fit to lead the country only to perpetrate a much bigger sellout of our sovereignty and tax money?

You be the judge.


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