Disturbing Discrepancy: Is it Just A Desperate Man’s Ruse?

Sometime the most obvious is the hardest thing to find…

Yesterday, the release of James Comey’s opening statements proved to be trove of information kept hidden from Americans needlessly, thus causing Donald Trump’s presidency to begin under a dark cloud of suspicion and doubt. Not only was this a disservice to him, it was always a grave injustice for the millions who voted for him.

In this article, you are provided evidence of one of many discrepancies lurking in Comey’s statements that you will find most troubling. It proves that even in this dark hour in his career, Comey doubles down on fiction under the guise of feigned, self-proclaimed integrity and honor.

On February 14, 2017, Comey, in an Agatha Christie styling, tells of his meeting with the President which says, made him ‘uncomfortable’. The discussion was about the FBI’s Russian probe into General Michael Flynn, where the President said he was a good guy and asked, “Couldn’t you just give him a break”.

As many who know and/or followed Donald Trump throughout decades, he has a distinct way of phrasing. Comey’s rendition of this version conversation lacks any of those verbal quirks. This misstep might have been overlooked; however, there’s one big problem: January 23 and 24, 2017, the media stated Flynn was cleared by the FBI publicly of any wrongdoing with the Russians at the time of this meeting.

Here, three of news outlets depicts the dates they were published circled in red. Clearly, January 23rd was the date Comey’s own agency released a statement, saying Flynn was cleared as all the headlines are almost identical.

Let logic be your guide here.

Why would the President, who usually has a tight schedule and not much time to dally even at night, want to talk in private about a matter was already settled for three weeks? Does this make sense to ask or relay any discontent or concern about something already concluded?

Remember, this exchange was so troublesome to him that he went directly home and/or office and put pen to paper. Therefore, why would he do this if he knew Flynn had already been cleared? This makes absolutely no sense at all!

Additionally, given the tumultuous debates over the Clinton E-mail investigation and the election, Comey did not write any memorandums after his conversations with Obama. We know from the book Guilty as Sin, he had a few heated conversations with the former president but he never ran home and wrote them in his diary?

It’s evident Comey’s agenda was not an honorable one and self-servicing. Furthermore, it also betrays him to be a liar in many ways – the most blatant is, these so-called memorandums he wrote to himself appear to be recollections where a lot of time lapse after the event occurred; not the very moment he was alone after said event.

Of course, anyone with legal knowledge knows hearsay is inadmissible in legal proceedings, so the lawyer inside Comey must know his version is just an aspect of a whole rather than the whole, but come on, does he really think we’re that stupid? Every quote in this statement made by President Trump is of Comey’s creation and unsubstantiated until it’s corroborated by the President or a witness of said event. Chances are, the President has a very different take on this exchange, considering Comey does a great deal of conjecture about what the President’s intent (magic Comey word) was during said event.

Let’s face it, its not uncommon when people are terminated for them to sit down and try to recall incidents long after the fact. Many disgruntled ex-employees attempt to find some way to ‘get even’ with their former superiors through this activity, thinking there’s a way to sue them in order to be made whole – emotionally more than monetarily. Therefore, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that many of these interactions were over-embellished or flat out fabricated.

Additionally, don’t you find it rather odd Comey can infer intent from these fleeting meetings, yet he couldn’t find it when people were smashing cellphones with hammers and using BleachBit on hard drives after subpoenas were issued by Congress? Maybe the former FBI sleuth has a crystal ball or Magic 8 ball that only works sporadically. Who knows but one thing is certain, these images paint a real story that shatters his machinations all to smithereens.

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