Dishonorable Men…

During two Republican Primary Debates, all candidates on stage were specifically asked if Donald Trump were nominated, would they support his nomination. All of the affirmed they would keep their signed pledge to the RNC! Now that he is the Republican Nominee, three have resoundingly reneged on their Pledge both to the party and the people who nominated him!

Audacity? No doubt.

Last weekend on Face the Nation, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has gone public, suggesting the ones who took the pledge and then did not honor it, will likely not be able to run for president again on the Republican Ticket. This suggestion I tweeted to Mr. Priebus several times since the convention.

Why? It’s simple. They’ve proven they are not men of their word. They lack any creed. No integrity. Therefore, they demonstrate they lack the values to be backed by the party of Lincoln and Reagan!

Surely, they believed when they pulled this stunt, there would be no consequence – no fallout. You can see by their actions since, they’ve been pushing envelopes into an area no decent person would ever dare to tread.

While the RNC Convention in July was held (and brought a lot of money to) in Cleveland, Ohio, John Kasich didn’t even bother to show up – not even  the obligatory appearance that decent people would do. He made it clear he would not support the RNC’s convention nor Trump in any way shape or form, which demonstrative lack of manners.

He told the Media still interested in his musings, he wasn’t going to vote nor endorse Trump in a televised interview. Kasich said even people get a divorce. Well, it’s clear the people would like to divorce him – especially those in the GOP whom do not share in his bad sportsmanship and petty behavior.

Second, while at the convention, Ted Cruz gave a searing primetime speech that led to him being booed off the stage. His consequences there were a bit more caustic. First, his major donor denied him entrance to a lavish, exclusive after party and he got called down by the delegates from Texas.

In the morning meeting following his infamous speech in bad taste, Cruz boasted of his moral high ground while the delegates admonished him for his deplorable behavior the night before. Cruz tried to state it was out of defense for his family but the subtext was, he’s just too petty to think about his country (unless it’s Canada) first! 

UPDATE: as of September 23, 2016, Ted Cruz endorsed Mr. Trump! Hats off to this wonderful gesture of true party camaraderie. Stand up indeed. 

Given the word around the Twitterers and sources like Red State, it’s not likely he will be unchallenged when he is up for re-election in Texas. Rumors have it that former Texan Governor Rick Perry may challenge him in the state’s senatorial primary.

Jeb Bush and his brother, former President George W. Bush and father, former President George H.W. Bush, didn’t bother to attend the RNC Convention as they also issued in a pointed statement beforehand. Since then, the three been rallying against Trump in cahoots with failed 2012 candidate Mitt Romney to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Trump. Many tricks have included trying to a delegate overthrow at the convention in addition to hold ‘summits’ to discuss the ‘Trump Issue.’

Please remember in 1988, after giving Bush Sr. a huge donation, Trump was his personal guest to his RNC Convention – as seen on the infamous Larry King interview from the event. Furthermore, this is behavior is unbecoming of former presidents whom received support from Trump when they ran for the White House.

UPDATE: The Bushes have declared they will be voting for Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, Priebus will file them in the 13 File where they belong. 

Priebus would be wise to oust these sore losers, munching on their sour grapes as they are blemishes on the party. The GOP isn’t about petty, small fry minutia. We have so much at stake during this election – which may be our last one if we don’t watch out – and there’s no time for this Tom Foolery. It’s child’s play and immature. Behavior unbefitting of men! Certainly unbefitting of any representative of a major political party. And the general sentiment is their political glory days are now long behind them due to their behavior during this election season.

While the primary was a particularly bloody one, others whom danced the word jab hustle with Trump have managed to put on their big boy/gal pants and came on board to help keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House – along with her globalism ideas and plans. Yet, Cruz, Kaisch and Bush – all proponents of globalism themselves, seem perfectly fine with another Clinton presidency.

It matters not that it will cost the country the US Constitution, Supreme Court for literally generations and our American sovereignty. They are more than ready to sell America down the river to world of TPP and TiSA — aka legalized slavery and poverty – in order to lick their wounds.

Not only does this reveal they’re no men of honor or integrity – it also reveals their true natures, which is frankly, unAmerican!

If there was a way to ‘divorce’ these malfeasants from America, most definitely more GOP voters than not would be first in line at the Clerk’s office, filing for such an action!

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