Did the NY Times Just Shoot Hillary Clinton in the Foot?

Just when you think the Liberal Media has reached a low, they give us a brand new definition of just how low they will go…

Deceptively Titled header from the NYT, designed to induce & sway public opinion. Did it backfire?
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In this yesterday’s edition, the New York Times touted how they obtained illegally released tax returns from Donald Trump, screaming he hasn’t paid taxes for 18 years (title almost two decades). Even the title is suggestive without merit as they forget the IRS audits Trump every year for the last fifteen years. Therefore, if he didn’t pay taxes it was done legally – a word that is a stranger to the NYT these days!

Is this article really a backfire on Hillary Clinton? Well, let’s see…

As mentioned by Tucker Carlson on Fox & Friends morning show, the taxes go to prove Trump’s argument that loopholes need to be eradicated for the wealthy.

Wait, what was that again?

Yes, in fact, while the NYT thought they had a gotcha moment, it appears it’s quickly being turned by the people. Citing a late Nineties tax return for their damning remarks, they forgot who was president. Bill Clinton. And if he hasn’t paid taxes in all that time, who were the other two culprit presidents? George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Given that this is legal or else the IRS would have fined Trump, who really gets slammed in their ‘tell all’ provocateurs?

Before the Democrats start doing their happy dances and high-fives, perhaps they should remember their candidate has been jamming the campaign trail about her status quo, let’s keep it all the same but raise taxes shouts but fact is, this is the status quo! Trump’s stance is he wants to change this – and has even said publicly, he, too, has used the laws and regulations he wants to eliminate.

In a nutshell, they just inadvertently shot their gal pal in the proverbial foot while proving that Trump is the only one who should take the Oval Office and make the changes needed to bring back the US to a healthy economic status!

Now, let’s get to the criminal element, which as many of you know, is my favorite part.

The NYT has brazenly admitted they committed a crime. Stealing, last I saw in the law books, was construed as a criminal offense. Ooops! Word from the Trump camp is this may end up costing NYT much more cash than the tread they may have received from their big expose!

Hasn’t the media learned by this point that this type of cheap parlor trickery, the voters are only moving towards Trump because he’s not afraid to be honest with them? This type of fraudulent behavior is unbecoming of anyone, especially the Media whom claims they are the ‘keepers of truth and record.’ “All the News That’s Fit to Print?” What a laughable line – like a cheap punchline to an even worse joke. This is more likened to the salacious titles we’re used to seeing on Look Magazine or the Globe in the supermarket lines.


Once again, I refer to our article, Is the Media Committing a Crime against Voters, we specifically go through the criminal/civil tort “Fraud in the Inducement” where below definition is clearly displayed. This time, they can’t feign lack of mens rea or criminal because our buddy James Comey won’t be dealing with them! Wouldn’t work anyway because I recall hearing they actually offered a cash reward for people to ‘produce’ (aka steal) them.

Legal Definition of the criminal/civil tort.
Legal Definition of the criminal/civil tort.

Has the once famed newspaper become such a merchant of swill that they’ve reduced themselves to tabloid level? It would seem the answer is, YES!

While they feel their momentary sensationalism has proven their dedication to integrity, its funny that it might just cost them big bucks and further embarrassment all while help Trump rather than hurting him. (Smart!)

Ironically, the NYT did very little coverage over the several gotcha moments on Capitol Hill last week, where FBI Director James Comey doubled down on his ridiculous claims that the Clinton gang hadn’t committed any crime even though the laws were actually read to him by members of Congress during the Judicial Oversight Hearing. They have been demonstratively biased in their presidential coverage which only marginalizes their credibility – not Trump’s.

Listen, to the NYT, there is no way you’re going to undo a 30-year crime/scandal spree. It’s like trying to make Charles Manson look like a saint. It’s a losing battle. Please stop making yourselves look foolish as everyone is actually getting embarrassed for you! To their advertisers: What’s a print ad in a paper that is seldom read? Wasted cash!

Let’s hope the NYT find some semblance of a moral compass before it goes completely bankrupt — something tells me that’s like hoping for Hillary Clinton to find hers, too. It’ll never happen.

Carry on and Keep Cheering!


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