Did Anyone Really Win?

During the first presidential debate, NBC anchor Lester Holt performed as moderator. Performed being the operative word, his complete liberal bias bleed through his pores like sweat from an athlete – and it left a putrid smell of a Hillary Cheerleader!

Hint: Debates aren’t about moderators pimping for one candidate over another. Therefore, that being said, Holt did an atrocious job as a so-called moderator. Could we expect more from some MSM hack? Absolutely not. No shockers there!

The problem is people are so numb they fail to realize the brainwash even when it smacks them upside their pointed heads. The real deal is Holt didn’t ask Hillary Clinton anything worth listening to — meaning:

Where were the questions on…

  • The Clinton Foundation pay for play scheme?
  • Her missing thirty-thousand plus emails that she had BleachBit and failed to hand over even though there was an outstanding subpoena?
  • Her donor list from said Foundation?
  • What about Benghazi and the lies to the Gold Star families she now accuses of lying?
  • Where the hell was she on 9/11/2012 that she couldn’t send troops in to save our ambassador and the other three men who perished – fighting for this country?
  • Why did she allow a stand down in that situation?
  • Why has she shamelessly lied about things to the Congressional Benghazi and Oversight Committees?
  • Destabilization of the entire Middle East – her handiwork as Secretary of State?
  • Her pathological lying regarding her health?
  • Her disparage pay structure that pays women much less than men in her Foundation employ and why hasn’t she fixed this problem in her own camp before promising to fix it country-wide?
  • Why her aides and Cheryl Mills were double dipping – working for both the Foundation and State Department at the same time (can you say conflict of interest?)?
  • What about Obamacare?
  • What about her sale of 20% of our country’s uranium to Russia?
  • What about her lack of cyber security?
  • What happened to all the Americans’ donations that were supposed to go to Haitians but instead lined her donors’ pockets?
  • What happened to the missing money from the State Department when under her charge? It was no small change – we’re talking over $6 Billion dollars – gone?
  • Why did she restart the Cold War with Russia?
  • Just how many entities and countries is she beholden to and will she be able to make America First on her docket?
  • Why did she have that server in the bathroom in her basement?
  • Why did the FBI find a server in Benghazi after 9/11/2012 that had Clinton Foundation files¬† on it?
  • Her bad treatment of women Bill had affairs with?
  • Why did she take all those foreign donations from countries that kill/rape women and gays?
  • Lastly, where the hell has she been the last thirty some years when America was in a downward spiral free fall into racism and financial despair as per her own claims?

Where indeed were all these questions?

I’d say Mr. Holt, you did Americans a grave disservice! And everyone has a right, like they have with Comey, to ask for your resignation. You think Walter Cronkite, given Clinton’s plethora of misdeeds, would let even one of the above slip by without so much as a question? Think again. He would’ve been all over here like ‘hot sauce.’ Why? Because he had journalist integrity.

The fact is, if we’re looking at a candidate whose going to be president, we have every right to know them Bible and Verse. Period. No sealed records. No dippy anecdotes about plumbers and fairy tales sniper fire. We want the truth…and trust me, we can handle the truth.

In all honesty, all Americans were called racist last night by the Democratic nominee. If you don’t believe me, we live in the high tech world, find the debate and watch it again. Heck, I’ll post it here.

Imagine her expression if she'd been asked the real questions on everyone's minds?
Imagine her expression if she’d been asked the real questions on everyone’s minds?

Get this, on one hand she asks for you vote but on the other she basically defiles every demographic in America except for who? Muslims. They were the only ones left out of her mix last night.

America is filled with people who don’t have any bent towards racism. Most of us always lend a hand and donate money for disaster victims – even go and help when we can. So where does Hillary Clinton get off saying we’re racists? Where does she get off saying this when we are a country full of givers – ready to help our neighbors regardless?

That took some nerve last night – and these are all things Trump should counter her on – given the moderators are basically useless!

Sure these are tough questions, but hey, she had to expect the demons to rear their ugly heads – she committed the crimes and corruption and still dared to run for President. So surely she must be ready to answer to her past.

As for Donald Trump, he missed some real golden moments and I expect that will not repeat itself in the next two debates. She laid so many goose eggs – talking about special prosecutors and such, he could have blasted her off that stage and shut her down. What could she say, “I’m stupid?”

People, it’s time to really look hard at these people. Frankly, not many people care about Trump’s taxes or the money his dad gave him to start a business. At least, he’s not the one living a parasitic lifestyle off taxpayers’ backs for the last thirty years. He built something. He did something with himself – even when he was a registered Democrat. That’s a heck of a lot more than Clinton can say as she’s ridden her husband’s coat tails throughout her life. (One would think the Feminists would wake up to that inconvenient truth.)

Here’s some temperament for you – observe:

From Elite NWO Agenda‘s YouTube Channel

Right to work is good for both employers and employees; it’s striking unions who own Hillary that have bounced more people out of jobs due to strikes and greed, but that’s a story for another article…

Safe to say, he let her off the hook too much! Next time we expect better!
Safe to say, he let her off the hook too much! Next time we expect better!

It’s time to discern – really dig deep. The fact is a good paying job is far better than having a female president just to have one. And frankly, now, I expect Donald Trump to up his game. We’ve all seen the puppet show and been to the Clinton circus. Now its’ really game on!

Everyone needs to scrutinize this situation for what it is — which is this: for the first time in our history, we have a corrupt candidate whose been – and is still being investigated by law enforcement for a ton of RICO and other cute criminal dealings. Is that what you want to be the role model for your kids? Does that person really exemplify you?

Dig deep, because it’s more than a pantsuit verses a business suit here – this your future at stake – not to mention your kids’ and everyone else in between. Get a grip and stop thinking with your statements and ask yourselves – is the world better now that it was eight years ago? Because the truth is, Hillary Clinton has made it a whole lot more dangerous and you never know when you’ll be victim number X.

Let’s face it, our man Trump is going to have to plow her over and call her on all the ridiculous insidious ramblings! He needs to get some of his groove back while remaining nice. It can be done. Mark Levin has even offered to help! He’s good at the Zing Fling as most lawyers are kings of it.

Trump could even use an old James Comey line from when he was a law-loving lawyer instead of a corruption pundit. It’s a real simple line, but effective:

“Just how long did it take you to make all that nonsense up?”

For your convenience, here’s the link to the Debate. Watch it again and question, just what was up with Lester that he left so much unchecked!

From Make America Great Again! YouTube Channel

It’s time to make America great again and the answer is not her, but that doesn’t mean Trump can let her get away with another trick or treat! Pun intended.

Get informed and vote responsibly!

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