DickiLeaks, the True October Surprise

Before going to the polls, voters should be aware of a new development thats unfolding within the Clinton’s Email Server fiasco that proves worse than selling access – if it couldn’t get any worse.

It has long been urban legend that Clinton’s constant, raven-haired companion was also a physical involvement but many just pushed it off as fodder rather than take the oblique comments as serious; however, videos and pictures don’t lie.

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It seems rumors are now beginning to surface regarding evidence found on Anthony Weiner’s computer regarding Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton’s tawdry relationship that will have most deeply disturbed about Clinton’s morality or rather, the lack thereof, not to mention her blackmail-ability.

Coming from several sources at the FBI and NYPD, videos were found on the Weiners’ computer, containing sexual deviant acts (in a file called, The X-Files). Videos of a damning nature, portraying the other side of their relationship show Clinton and Abedin with a 17 year old girl in a menage e trois. While most Democrats may scoff at the sexual allegations, the fact remains their victim was a minor, which constitutes statutory rape in most states.Hillary may indeed be a child rapist, if NYPD sources are correct, and mind you, they have experience in spotting child abuse.

Also found were photos of Abedin dressing up for Clinton in various fetish costumes – like Snow White and other ‘characters.’ As one insider puts it, “She [Clinton] has a many fetishes and Huma answered them all.

Many of you remember the Wikileaks email from a few days ago where Abedin asked Clinton what she should buy at VS [Victoria Secrets] – to which Clinton replied, “Something frilly and flowery.”

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-56-41-amFurthermore, rumors from FBI insiders that Hillary is a sexual deviant and was also on Orgy Island, so it wasn’t just Bill Clinton that visited billionaire/convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s remote island known for its underaged sex slavery. As seen from the image, it seems Hillary has a long documented penchant for young girls.

On an interesting side bar, NYPD rumors include evidence that points to Weiner forwarding Hillary sex pics and videos to Israeli agents, in order to extort Clinton and perhaps entire Obama administration.

Incidentally, Obama suddenly increased aid to Israel by 40%, which was very odd, considering he was at odds with Netanyahu just days before, and for that matter, since Obama took office.

We’ve had many presidents in our history whom have held questionable behaviors – JFK and FDR were no saints by any stretch of the imagine; however, this is highly more incendiary material than simply loving a good party and having a mistress or two on the side. Conversely, this makes for stellar blackmail evidence no hostile foreign agent could pass up should they wish to bring our Executive Branch “to heel.” Hence, pedophilia and sexual deviancy have no place in our White House! The fact the Clintons and their ‘surrogates’ are so sloppy in their toils leaves us all the more vulnerable to nefarious actions.

Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. It’s obvious they did no vetting or fact-finding on Clinton before stealing the Primary for her last July. They just assumed voters would possess the lack of moral compass needed to vote for such a candidate where there’s an obvious morality-free zone at play. Guess we’ll see come November 8th!

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