Trump’s Secret Weapon!

From the beginning of his campaign, there have been many people coming out to support Donald Trump. All the usual suspects like Rudy Giuliani, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and others have hawked he is the change America needs after the unmitigated disaster of Obama’s so-called legacy. However, two unlikely self-made pundits came to the forefront and their names are Diamond and Silk.

These two delightful video bloggers have been helping spread the word about Trump but also educating voters about current affairs and misdeeds of other candidates – both Republican and Democrat. Their new brand of political support is refreshing as they deliver their punches with great informed humor.

Sisters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are now celebrities in their own right. The outspoken former Democrats devised a website called ‘ditch and switch’ to talk to their community in North Carolina about the virtues of Trumpdom, yet, now, they have gone National!

In January, they warmed up the crowd for one of Trump’s rallies and have held audience with Mr. Trump on numerous occasions. While not affiliated with his campaign, they’ve been two of his biggest assets. Hardaway and Richardson tell it like it is and don’t mince words or suffer fools lightly.

One of their first video about Donald Trump:

While the Media may not take them as seriously as they should, Diamond & Silk have not only forged their personal brand, they’ve come out telling more truth than skilled journalists.

No doubt, the duo has made an impression on America and I look forward to seeing what their next video will relay. Without question Hillary Clinton’s bots have nothing on these beautiful American patriots!

Keep cheering, ladies.

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