Dialing Back Fifty Years

By Lacey Jordan

When my grandmother started working back in the Fifties, it was a huge deal. She was the only one of her friends who was working and the only one to go on to open up her own business in later years. She was a cavalier. She was a mentor to many and yet, today’s women are desperately trying hard to undo everything she accomplished!

The #MeToo movement is still moving forward, including the second Women’s march last January, but is it really helping women?

It’s rather disturbing to see women doing everything possible to ensure they won’t get hired when single mothers is one of the high demographics in American culture right now. All these subgroups seem to do is continually shoot themselves in the proverbial foot due to a lack of introspection or understanding of actions having consequences.

As a business owner, would you hire either of these women?

These women think it’s fun to go marching down the streets, wearing pussy costumes and talking about their vaginas in public but for the average employer, this is a huge turn-off. If these women think business owners aren’t watching these things, they are sorely mistaken.

In a conversation with my father last night, we discussed this very issue with women in the workplace. The conversation would upset this MeToo people because it demonstrated a conversation that probably happens in American Business everyday as they look to bolster their crews and employee base.

The MeToo people have dialed back all the advancement women have enjoyed since the late Eighties if you really look at the backlash. Women don’t seem to understand their machinations are going to cost them jobs and opportunities. The same can also be said for millennials who need care bears and safe spaces.

What became apparent from the conversation was the sad state the MeToos are promoting and yet, they seem intriguingly unaware of the environment they create for themselves in other areas of their lives.

For an example, as a female business owner, the last thing I need is one more headache in addition to the ones I deal with on a daily basis. I was asked if a female applied for a job with my company, where she had a  male competitors whom had the same experience and skills, which one would I hire. My answer was easy. I’d hire the male.

I would even go as so far to hire the male over the female even if he didn’t have as much experience and skills because he won’t be living in victimhood and all that comes with such lament. The last thing my company needs is someone throwing temper tantrums and blaming other employees of looking at them cross-eyed. I’d spend my whole day brokering peace instead of getting new customers, which in the end, make everyone more money in the company.

While it’s horrible when workplace sexual harassment occurs, it should also not be weaponized as it has been in today’s political climate. The fact that the victims from Roy Moore (R-AL) have all but disappeared, leads me to believe those women lied about their experiences — and were probably paid to do so. Therefore, do I want all this drama in the workplace I work hard to sustain?

Sorry, gals, but I can’t afford the time investment in potential upheavals and, God forbid, lawsuits because some guy looks at you cock-eyed.

Will women realize they’re only bucking for their own demise in America’s workplaces? Do they realize that even female business owners will not see their antics as progressive or productive? Will they continue to traipse down this dead end alley with glee? For now, it seems they are hell bent on doing just that – even though it does nothing to help females in general. If anything, women will soon need to depend on matrimony instead of careers – much like the women of the Fifties – in order to survive. Is that really smart thinking?

Which leads to my last question, if women behave so stupidly, does a business person want this stupidity to permeate their workplace? Chances are, probably not.

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