DEVELOPMENT: #PissGate Graham on O’Reilly

NEW YORK: Interesting development happened tonight when Lindsey Graham was on O’Reilly’s show, discussing the #PissGate nefarious dossier Buzzfeed and CNN reported on that morphed into a huge Fake News Stormarama.

Now, under normal circumstances a Lindsey drive-by moment wouldn’t make anyone stir; however, after our article earlier today, the timing is just too coincidental to be a coincident. Suspicions continued to fuel when little crows called in with information that original guest for this spot was supposed to be Brett Baier to speak about his Three Days in January book as it tied in with Tucker Carlson’s Glenn Greenwald interview. It seems the senator wanted to come on the show; perhaps due to some things circulating about his involvement in the whole Chris Steele/Russian propaganda, which he admitted his partner in crime, John McCain had gotten awhile back [sic].

Sometimes, the unspoken speaks louder…

Now here’s where things get spicy: As per Graham, it was he – not McCain – that turned this over to the FBI. Given the NY Post ran a story yesterday of McCain’s ‘version’ it is quite telling. Additionally, he assures us this is completely false and not to believe a bit of it. Given his expression, it seemed like a petulant child whose told a lie and then backtracks once caught in the cookie jar.

Another observation is Graham’s apparent uneasiness in the interview. He seemed to be a bit rattled, even though he was trying to maintain a cool demeanor. Watch the video and you’ll find some interesting mannerisms, indeed. All these things coming together like a perfect disaster can only make one speculate that perhaps the crows are all on to something with the connections between Steele and the Senate’s toxic twins.

During Bill O’Reilly’s spot with media veteran, Bernie Goldberg, later in the program, even the host remarked that he suspected this dossier was circulated (possibly to the press) by someone in Congress, though he was clear he had no hard proof for said suspicions.

It’s even reached the other side…

Across the big pond, on the BBC, Trump Insider, Ted Malloch, spilled the beans about the mysterious dossier by revealing that the chief initiator was none other than Jeb Bush. (Seems the Gang of 8 meets the NeverTrump club, doesn’t it?) On the talk show, he went on to tell the chain as to how this big tell-all came to be – with Jeb financing, then later picked up with a Clinton camp.

Many on Fox News are claiming this is just another ploy to delegitimize Trump’s presidency before he even enters the office. One would say, given the string of events since November 8th, it looks like one big hit plot after another to keep us from celebrating any victory. Riots, Recounts, Electoral Meltdown, Hollywood Meltdowns, Russian Invasions, Inspector General fleecing the FBI and now PissGate… leaves one to wonder, what will the next drama be? Will it be James Comey is really a Russian spy named Wilhelm von Trappe? Who knows but nothing would be a surprise at this point.

Ah the life in politics… such dirty scoundrels are they all  — complete unhinged band of misfits whom feel the need to protect their turf through territorial pissing (pardon the pun.) Time will tell as more things start to surface. Given Donald Trump’s strong response, it seems he won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of it. Hence, Graham and McCain might want to consider some hasty exit from the Senate, while the gettin’ is good. Either way, if they are at the end of this black infused rainbow bridge, perhaps a good defense lawyer may be in order.

For your viewing pleasure…

To quote Buzzfeed’s Dan Smith, you be the judge. At least, this time, you have actual video to see the event unfold without interpretation!


While watching Graham on O’Reilly, you can tell by his demeanor, he’s obviously nervous but in the source article below, they cite, touching one’s nose is an indication of lying. We all know that for most politicians, lying is their stock and trade but here’s a tall-tell sign of his dubious reaction to the malicious dossier created by some agent, bent on destroying President Elect Trump.


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