Hillary Clinton has now officially made her Mitt Romney 47% remark and unlike the latter, she did it several times as reported by many news sources. Obviously the Democrat nominee has no intention of broadening her base and if anything, is now driving more people to Trump for a plethora of reasons – some of which include a hatred for her attitude of superiority.

This type of rhetoric is the mask being ripped off Clinton’s facade, hence showing her true nature, character and disdain for Middle America and all its values. This type of moral narcissism is prevalent within the Democrat party as they’ve made no bones about their hatred towards America since Reagan. Their party has been shanghaied and turned into a radicalized group whom feel they are morally superior to everyone else while they are the ones committing the most egregious crimes and corruption Washington, DC has ever witnessed.

A Twitter friend reminded me that this didn’t work out well for Maria Antoinette; however, I dare say that history is not Clinton’s strong suit as she forgot her husband was impeached for committing perjury — something Congress has her dead to rights during the Benghazi hearings and the fact her emails were BleachBit after subpoenas to preserve were already issued.

It’s most interesting on the heels of her nefarious exoneration by the in-the-tank FBI Director James Comey – who has long deep ties with the Clintons – that Clinton feels she is invincible and able to sell snake oil. The only problem is her lying has engulfed the American culture and people simply do not believe her anymore. She lacks the charisma her husband had during his presidential campaigns and her belligerence with people is obvious. Some of her greatest hits demonstrates her anger is often shown to the public by lashing out at any who do not lock step with her vision of herself.

A brilliant example of her disdain for Americans, here is her callout to all the Trump Supporters:

Fact is, Clinton’s never been that appealing to many but she thought that being a former First Lady would give her an automatic in. You would’ve thought she had got the 411 when she ran up against Barack Obama in 2008 that automatic ins are not in the cards for her. Her demeanor of superiority and temper have long been known to the public as well as her gross criminality which stems from Whitewater to Vince Foster and onto stealing from us when she stole things from the White House upon her vacating in 2001.

The old adage goes, “Just because you’re married to a plumber doesn’t make you qualified to work on the plumbing…”

Clinton’s latest flare up at the 9/11 ceremony comes suspiciously timed after her “basket of deplorables” comment which has garnered her much criticisms from both GOP and other Democrats. She has brazenly issued this most provocative judgment not thinking about all the Congressmen and Senator Democrats who are also up for re-election during this cycle. Therefore, the guise of illness and then a possible body double at Chelsea Clinton’s extravagant home in Manhattan, is just more subterfuge that people are tired of witnessing.

The Mainstream Media, of course, has once again rendered themselves useless – and it’s comical to see them scramble for some answer. First it’s overheating (in 79 degree weather with 30% humidity on a street that has river cross breeze) or pneumonia or dehydration or whatever fill in the blank, they all look like amateurs. As always, they prove themselves to be hardly worthy of reporting the news they don’t seem able to get first or even secondhand at this point.

Some would say for Clinton to give up the ghost but I think she should continue as she only makes forerunner, Donald Trump’s argument more plausible that America and DC needs a purge – a huge change that will obliterate the DC corruption and waste once and for all. To the Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton’s antics and lying are only making her the poster child of sorts.

In reality, Hillary Clinton is the biggest gift in the world to Trump and his supporters as she personifies all that’s wrong in our government today and we have nothing to lose by electing him our next president!

Basket of Deplorables: UNITE!

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