DENIAL: Liberal Dodge of Self-Responsibility

There’s a saying, never underestimate the power of denial…

Nothing could be closer to the truth than what we’ve witnessed since November’s election as Democrats have shamelessly refused to accept their party’s responsibility for their presidential loss. It becomes clearer every day they will triple down on their efforts to try to convince Americans it was all Donald Trump’s fault for their huge upset. Maybe so, because unlike Hillary Clinton, he was the better candidate as the election results indicate.

Many are stating falsely that Clinton won the popular vote; however, if you take away illegal aliens, dead voters and people who voted multiple times as we saw in the Detroit recount, Trump won the popular vote as well. Even with this glaring fact, Democrats are still burying their heads in the proverbial sand and refusing to accept their defeat through honest means.

The Timeline of Insanity

First, they instigated and encouraged mass rioting by the Snowflake Brigade. Then, they’ve orchestrated recounts – which turned out to give Trump more votes while taking away votes from Clinton. Followed-through with the Electoral College pleas – which took away more electors from Clinton than Trump. Then vilified without any evidence another World Leader and ejected Russian diplomats. They pontificate about Trump being illegitimate based on a fake dossier created by a smear campaign started by John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush during the primaries. And now, like the infantile sectors of our public they pander to, they’ve decided to boycott the Inauguration, which incidentally, if for the people – not for any one political party.

All the while, Clinton donors demand ‘forensic investigations’ into where their money went as it was reported the campaign blew $1.7B on a loser. Hence, leads to Clinton in the background, claiming it was Russians, James Comey, Deplorables and everything else under the sun – including Obama – to justify why she lost to anyone willing to listen to her — which is not many.

Hollywood has gone completely postal over the election results and barraged the public with all these asinine videos, filled with so-called celebrities that most people don’t even recognize. Ironically, they do this when most studio bosses in Tinseltown are card-carrying Republicans and, those knowing about the Industry, understand they are the real decision makers when it comes to casting because it’s their cash on the line. See Hanoi Jane if you don’t believe this – Jane Fonda flamed her career because Vietnam veterans refused to see her movies because of her Vietcong incident. This resulted in her not doing films for most of three decades because she was considered undesirable to many producers who like making money over political stances.

Lies, lies and more lies all in the name of money, money, money…

Last Sunday’s Meet the Press interviewed Senator John Lewis from Georgia, whom said he couldn’t go to the inauguration because of Trump’s illegitimacy. He claimed it was the first time he’s not attended since he began his tenure in DC many years ago. Upon investigation, this was found to be false. In fact, Lewis also skipped George H. Bush’s inauguration back in 2001, claiming the same excuse. It also goes noted that he began fundraising last weekend before his interview with Chuck Todd aired. Strategic way to make bank?

It seems the Democrats are just not grasping – or at least, not to the public – that their candidate was horrific. She was a woman but that’s about it. As for having any moral compass, respect for our laws and people, she was an unmitigated disaster. Her pay to play while Secretary of State, Benghazi where four people died needlessly after countless requests to either be removed or more security which she ignored, her penchant for lying and her illegal private email server were all things that turned many voters off, including Democrats.

Legitimacy? Really?

To add insult to injury, the DNC and Media cheated to help her win the nomination in the first place. Therefore, the real question to ask is: Was Clinton’s candidacy legitimate given the blatant cheating to get her the nomination?

Why isn’t Bernie a bit more upset about is surprising because, after all, he’s no spring chicken and will likely never have a chance for a presidential nomination again due to his age.

No race baiting incident would go untouched by Al Sharpton – a tax evader who has no passport to leave because he owes several millions in back taxes, leaves us stuck with him promoting unrest, violence and insistence on disrupting the inauguration even though Trump is going to make life better for Black Americans. Makes sense, right? If Sharpton really cared about ‘his people’ then he should welcome Trump, like he did when he received many donations for his various projects from him over the years.

Their talking heads aren’t helping them either. People like Jehmu Greene and Keith Ellison, both contenders for the DNC chair position, are not making a good case for the party with their sexist/race baiting rhetoric. On Tucker Carlson’s new prime time show, Greene continually threw attitude while blaming Trump for the party’s downfall. Yet, had the audacity to say the Democrats would have to do what Trump did during the election because they want White Middle America back. Really? Demonizing White Folks and you think you’ll get them to vote for you – now, that’s a new one! Let us know how that works out for you…

Democrats have revealed to America just why most voters turned away from them. It seems the more they do, the more we learn about just how insane the party has become — as it’s surely nothing like the party of Johnson and FDR by no stretch of the imagination. They’re radicalized social justice warriors without a cause nor a pause. Liberals have lost countless seats and yet, they blame Russia and Trump? Really?

Are we watching the party literally implode before our very eyes?

Democrats just won’t quit and the mainstream media, whose spent literally a year and half vilifying and defiling Trump is all too willing to participate in this continue onslaught of garbage filling the airwaves.

It would seem so… get out the popcorn, we’re in for a fun 100 days! And remember this while you’re watching… whenever they say it was Russians, the below map is the real deal as to why the Democrats LOST! It was their own actions — nothing more.

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