DEMOCRATS: The Party of Eddie Haskells

For those of you who don’t watch old Fifties sitcoms on AntennaTV, let me explain who Eddie Haskell (portrayed brilliantly by Ken Osmond) is so you understand the correlation. There once was a show called Leave It to Beaver. Eddie was a buddy of Wally, the Cleavers’ oldest son. He was the epitome of just about every Democrat in DC, sucking up to parents while letting his friends take the blame for all his mischievous actions. Even though Ward and June (the parents) had Eddie’s number, he still continued his brown-nose chuck n’ jive every time trouble was afoot.

In short, the best way to describe Eddie is this: he’s the friend that always made your parents think he was as good as gold (or at least tried) when he was always the one getting you into trouble!

Fast forward to now to see the correlation!

It is no secret as of late, many fake stories have surfaced in  Mainstream Media; riddled with errors and full out deceptions – some of which had serious fallout. Even for CNN as bad as they are, the alarming number of corrections has become staggering. Hence, leaving one to draw the conclusion, there’s something very wrong with the Media’s source pool.

This morning I found a tweet in Twitterverse which revealed a plot by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats announced the creation of a counterintelligence unit inside the FBI and Congress to bust the leakers that have become a part of our Fake News Media.

In this snippet referring to the Wikileaks debacle last week, it states “email that CNN reported was part of the investigative evidence shared with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Republican Devin Nunes, with ranking Democratic member Adam Schiff.”

Busted is Busted

The snippet goes on to say, in order to ferret out the leakers of information, they purposefully placed a nefarious piece of information in one packet of this intelligence given out to the committee; should it be release, they would instantly know who is the leaker.

It should come as no surprise that Wikileaks and Donald Trump, Jr. misinformation came from Adam Schiff. A big no-no when it comes to hearings behind closed doors.

However, before this revelation, CNN was sent scrambling to fix their apparent misstep – thanks for Schiff – and left with yet more Fake News egg on their faces. The interesting thing is, the Congressman was on various news shows touting his Russian/Trump fables which have long been debunked by even Mueller’s crowd – as crooked as they appear as of late – looking like a completely unhinged idiot.

Innocently, Schiff goes from news show to talk show, pimping his pontifications yet, he claims this is all for the People? Just how silly and unintelligent does Mr. Schiff think we are?

Schiff is good at hoodwinking his district but for folks outside the loopy California terrain are a bit brighter; hence, they don’t buy his schmooze of lose. For us, the Congressman has never been anything more than a pristine example of Eddie Haskellism – sucking up and brown-nosing his way through life, while making all kinds of trouble and dubious machinations behind the scenes.

Isn’t this true for all Democrats?

When you observe others like people like Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren or Maxine Waters – it seems pretty apparent their whole deal is designed to make us think they care while passing legislation like Obamacare, which has destroyed our healthcare system.

And we can’t forget Chuck Schumer’s tears of woe over the travel ban, which smacked in the face of hypocrisy given his Chain Migration and Lotteries has a death toll of 8 in New York as well as several injured in the New York City area – his district.

Aren’t these examples Haskellism on a bigger scale? You be the judge…


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