Democrats: Starting A New Spin Cycle

Democrats never cease to amaze with their spin cycles. This week’s flavor is President Trump’s proposed budget which they say will kill children as per NYC disgraced mayor Bill deBlasio!

Another day in DC fodder, we’ve heard many Democrats come out, touting their insidious lies about a budget they probably haven’t even read. Instead of actually going over the line items, which would take them a good deal of time, they opt to just put out lies to the public with the Fake News Media willing to acquiesce to their whim. Remember, if it’s about Trump, then it’s just gotta be bad!

Many insane puppets have accused the budget of being hostile, violent, murderous – all because the President is trying to trim entitlements to people who, in reality, don’t really need them. In fact, much of the budget is just good sound business. After all, we all know Democrats are far from being good with money, hence, why Trump was elected last November.

The media has been all aglow with their new morsel of dishonesty and untruth this morning as they play the Democrats’ sound bytes with ridiculous frequency. Every lie gets much more airplay than truth – even on the illustrious Fox News which has now moved over to lunatic waters in their reporting.

The fact is, no one in the Liberal bent will be happy with the budget because special pork projects will be rejected and there’s no room for any more political funny business. Now, it’s serious cutting time in order to bring our country back from the brink of disaster. The White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told Fox and Friends this morning that this is pure demagoguery on the part of the Democrats. It would also seem  their lies are just indicative of their desperate grasp.

One juicy morsel not getting a lot of air time (and with good reason) is the fact that China’s debt just got downgraded by Moody’s Investors. What does this mean to Americans? Well, think about who is buying most of our debt? China. If they collapse the whole ball of wax melts under the hot lights of financial meltdowns. This is not good because it forced the Federal Reserve to print more money; hence, diminishing yet once again our dollar value. This spells inflation for Americans and even with all the jobs coming back, cost of living will shoot through the roof. This affects everyone without discrimination.

Now you understand why the mainstream media has swept this small detail under the proverbial carpet and opted to propagate more liberal lies about the bogyman. Even though the New York Times has written some articles about it, who can trust the failing newspaper when they have sandwiched between all the garbage filled with untruths and myth-spinning? (This is what happens when mainstream media continues to forward lies instead of being unbiased reporters of truth.)

Incidentally, to address deBlasio’s insane comment about Trump’s budget killing kids, if he was really all that concerned about youths dying, perhaps he wouldn’t be pandering his sanctuary city nonsense as illegal aliens have been killing a lot more kids than any budget could ever do. Furthermore, if this was really an issue for Democrats, why aren’t they financing the border wall without complaint?

Keep cheering, folks. We’re in for a long, long summer! Surf’s up!

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