#Democrats Scramble…Another Reason Why!

Democrats look more scared than disgruntled…

With the Wikileaks emails from John Podesta, voters began to uncover a dark Satanic ritual called #SpiritCooking, which entailed the consumption of blood, seaman and breast milk along with writing cryptic messages on the wall during these “dinner.” Both John and his brother, Tony, seemed steeped in this counter-culture and pedophilia unacceptable to Middle America of any religious or non-religious faith.

As we watched in horror, many discovered through the forum Reddit just what the New York Police Department found on Anthony Weiner’s computer — that not one damned his own sexting activities but outed Hillary Clinton and her long-time associate and his wife, Huma Abedin. The threads started to weave an established network of Haiti children abductions after the earthquake in 2010, where the Clinton Foundation misappropriated millions of good-hearted donations to help the people in the torn region.

Associations with people like child abductor, Linda Silsby, were found in an elaborate network of a devious sex trade ring in the very hub of DC’s nexus – centering on Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Besta Pizza, where their penchant for pedophilia activities were blatantly displayed through artwork, sexually charge innuendo and provocative locations of secret doors and a ‘boom-boom’ room where no cellphones (pictures) were allowed.

Oh don’t look for the mainstream media to cover the above as they’ve flat out ignored this gruesome find – perhaps because many may be involved with the situation. (That’s what happens when journalists get too chummy with any one party or group – they become dastardly tainted, which renders them unwilling to actually do their jobs – report truth.)

Many Democrat leaders like the disgraced Maryland representative, Elijah Cummings, have made some toxic threats about getting dirt on Trump’s finances and the such. All of which failed miserably in the election – both primary and general – yet, people of his ilk don’t seem to learn from history. The mainstream media has piled on with misinformation about how Trump seems to be ‘changing’ his positions – another far from actual truth.

He’s doing what every President Elect does in order to field the new surroundings and get his team established. 60 Minute’s Lesley Stahl interview did nothing for us nor did it contain any shock horror revelations about policy changes. It was a man speaking in measured words, knowing anything he says will be used against him by the media.

Whenever you have so much smoke and mirrors swirling at one time, it only goes to reason something deeper is occurring that we’re being steered away from seeing. Therefore, a question for you to ponder, ladies and gentlemen is this: Are the Democrats in a mad scramble now because they’ve been losing their power in America (a truth) or are they simply scared to death they’re finally be exposed and held accountable for their criminal behaviors?

It’s a good question to ponder because they’re all about digging up anything and everything on anyone associated with President Elect Donald Trump’s insiders. Their vilifications are epic with the last being on Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist pick. They’ve called him everything under the sun – so much so, it causes a eyebrow raise as to what they’re really trying to hide.

It seems awfully odd they would be so defensive as elections are cycles and there’s always a winner and a loser. It’s no secret that Clinton was not highly regarded in her circle of frenemies but all this hyperbole is not happening out of mere loyalty to their gal pal. There’s something deeper going on that both legislators and press don’t want you to see – and with this new administration of outsiders, it’s liable to be outed further in the coming months.

While the FBI took over the investigation in New York long enough to hijack it, a new leader will be in place soon enough and all that evidence will become available. Like the ‘supposedly destroyed’ laptops that weren’t, the NYPD probably has copies of everything they turned over to the Bureau in the chance Trump would win and they could proceed forward, unfettered.

Now that Trump’s cabinet is starting to formulate, the Democrats are probably more in an uproar about who will replace their partner, Attorney General Loretta Lynch as there will be no one there to provide cover. During the second debate, Trump made it no secret that he wanted to right the wrong we all perceived the DOJ had done with it’s shameless colluding with the Clinton Camp during the investigations. Hence, they have much to worry about!

Perhaps now, we’ll see the wizards (or should I say, criminals) behind the veil and finally get to the truth about what’s held DC hostage for the last thirty years.

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