DEMOCRATS: Russia Collusion

Its interesting as we saw with the last article how President Trump has turned the narrative on this whole surveillance issue, which has in turn, disproved the realness of any intelligence regarding Russians and Trump people colluding. Where does this leave the Democrats now?

Their ruse has been foiled spectacularly even though Hillary Clinton’s camp was spinning since last Spring this whole illusion about Russians hacking the election as an explanation. Of course, we all know after the election when she lost, it went into overdrive. John Podesta and his ilk come out with their ridiculous statements about Russians and Trump being best buddies and life-long pals along with disgusting dossiers paid for by Trump bashers and detractors. Now, we hear on every Sunday news show, there was no evidence.

It seems Trump got the Democrats into a checkmate. They can’t win at this point. Try to sell the Russian thing and it exposes their collusion and leaks – all of which are illegal – to the country or go away quietly with everyone knowing it was all really fake news from the start.

This double edged sword is staggering and well played. Trump has played it marvelously and he’s cut off many from trying these stunts in the future.

The situation has gotten so bad that many people wouldn’t believe the media even if future things turn out to be true. Why would people believe they have any credibility when they’ve cashed all their integrity (or lack thereof) currency in on this meme which has failed so miserably?

Democrats seem to have gotten so rabid in their appellation that a mere commoner won over the seasoned politicians, they’ve become unhinged and irrational. Now, news stories – which they encourage – illustrate them as these snowflakes whom are losing sleep, gaining weight and placing all their tantrum on Trump’s shoulders as if he can control their personal choices.

The further we get from the election, the more insane the Democrats appear to Middle America. Hence, why they’re losing their base, losing votes and ultimately losing more elected offices.

Simply put: they’ve dropped their collective basket. Gone around the bend and lost their minds.

The real shot in this is Democrats are terrified. Historically, seen through both Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, the tax plan proposed by President Trump is an all-around winner for everyone – workers and investors alike. Both prior administrations enjoyed healthy economies once their initiatives took hold and it threatened political establishment types for a number a years afterwards. In fact, it proved to give successors great economies for which most people misattribute to people like Clinton and Johnson. However, it hadn’t been for the tax cuts and brazen initiatives to help foster business, those economies wouldn’t have thrived for the Democrats.

Now, they’re faced with a unseasoned President whose running circles around them and its eating them alive. Whigs anyone?

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