DEMOCRATS: Missing the Signals of their Real Loss

This morning on Varney & Company, Democrat political strategist, Doug Schoen weighed in on the whole Russians/Flynn ordeal. His answer was staggering as he gave Varney a huge scoop. “If the pink elephant in the room continues… I may become an Independent.”

The significance of this, friends, is the Democrats are losing their traditional voting base faster than a brick being thrown off the top of a building. This is where the DNC is losing their sheer power base, only to be left with the teeny bopper generation that doesn’t understand that EBT is not a cellphone app.

With the last election, one thing MSM doesn’t tell you is the DNC lost a lot of traditional Democrat voting base. White men who were life-long party affiliates that were turned off by all the shenanigans seen in the news and through Wikileaks. Many older Democrats also jump shipped because they think the party is not working and no longer relevant.

In reality, since Obama took office in 2009, they’ve lost a substantial amount of their voting base as illustrated by the massive losses throughout all levels of government throughout the country.

Could it be they seem out of touch with Americans or is it their unadulterated thirst for power that keeps them from being appealing to Middle America anymore? Many initiatives launched by the previous president were wildly unpopular with the working citizens who were left wondering why we were brokering deals in the Middle East while the economy was in dire need of attention.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise their influence is dwindling both inside and outside the Beltway. Do they notice?

Nancy Pelosi’s reelection as House Minority Leader was a sign the party has no idea how much they have lost support from their turn-to votes. They’re no longer there and Schoen should be a huge red light for them to stop. But will they? It doesn’t look like they’re getting that 411 any time soon!

Kudos go to Democrats like Schoen and Pat Caddell for being honest with their fellow Democrats about the real issues their party faces due to their leaders’ nefarious actions. It is not everyday the Liberals lose people of such importance in their ranks. It goes to show just how far off the rails they’ve become and explains why they will keep losing election after election.

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