Democrats may be in for a Shock Horror!

As many of you know, the FISA memo controversy has made its way around Twitterverse with many calling for the Freedom Caucus and House Republicans to release Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) stunning memorandums regarding the use of the fake Trump Dossier to procure warrants for illegal surveillance against President Trump and his campaign.

The Intelligence Community has adamantly denied the allegations but since then, the evidence – leaked or otherwise – has come forth to dispute their denials and unpin the ugly underbelly of the FBI and disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey. The proof is always in the pudding; therefore, we’re tasked by Democrats to ignore the real and concentrate on trumped up nonsense.

Just how stupid do Democrats really think the American public is?

Could it be this whole #SchumerShutdown is as a result of this FISA memo coming to light at this point in time? In reality, the budget has absolutely nothing to do with DACA or any other type of immigration, but the Democrats truculence towards President Trump has been particularly brutal as Schumer refers to him as “Jello-O”.

In a scathing interview with former federal prosecutor, Joe diGenova, Ginny Thomas from The Daily Calller News Foundation got the low-down on the whole FISA debacle. He doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the rogue agencies whom participated in the farce presented to the FISA court, which led to the warrants.

Many of you may already have suspected this situation for awhile but for many of the Women’s Marchers who live in the land of denial, will not be able to ignore the overt attempt to impugn the President and his character by FBI agents like Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe and Comey. It also could finger as high up as James Clapper and John Brennan as co-conspirators in crime along with former president Obama.

Will anyone go to jail?

One can only surmise the Department of Justice will be forced to meet these issues head on as the public awareness and outcry will demand nothing short of justice against the players and including Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and the grand dam herself, Hillary Clinton.

Let’s hope Jim Jordan (R-OH) and his cohorts will get the memo released as early as this upcoming week. The public has the right to know what our intel community has been up to — especially when it involves several 4A violations.

Oh, and don’t bother to look to the Mainstream Media to put too much time into ferreting out the truth here. Many were paid by the outsider vendor, Fusion GPS, to not only leak stories but keep their mouths shut about this whole clandestine affair!


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