Democrats & GOPe: Are They Trying to Incite Another Revolution?

It seems over the last few months, the Democrats, GOPe and Media have been engaged in a severe war against our elected President, Donald J. Trump. Why they continue to buck him, and us for all intensive purposes, is a mystery because all of them have much to lose should the People rise up in a 1776 style against the globalist agenda – more than just voting.

Why would they purposefully do this? Do they really think our society is too soft to react in any other way than voting? Do they really want to bank on some complacent attitude here? After all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the changes that have occurred over the last three decades and the changes in America that haven’t been advantageous for Americans. We’ve seen poverty and crime escalate, race relations degenerate or completely break down to the point where the youth population is seeking 1950 style segregation, so we’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see what Democrats and Republican establishment types have done to our country. They’re attempting to ruin it. They’ve ignored our Constitution and blatantly flaunted their crimes in our faces as if to dare us to do anything about it.

So, I ask you, Joe-Blow-America, just what are they trying to do?

It has been proven throughout history that dictatorial regimes always find their ends messy and fraught full of violence and upheaval so why would they court this inevitable action with their truculence? Are they really that misinformed, under-educated or prima-donnish to understand that they are no exception to the history that’s played out thousands of times before?

Maria Antoinette learned the “Let them eat cake,” didn’t work out so hot. The Marcos certainly wouldn’t advise Chuckie, Nancy or Johnny McCain to continue to careen down their chosen course, so why are they continuing to bait Americans, which could possibly lead (as seen through history) to disaster for them? It’s always the dictator that gets the axe and ends up a cautionary tale among many in World History, so why would they continue to get on the news and pimp their nonsense?

The special prosecutor is probably just the revolutionary act that will take many of these peeps out. Why? Because with this Russian investigation comes several smaller off-shoot investigations that many on the Left and Right believed were put to rest. Investigations such as unmasking, illegal surveillance, email servers off government property, giving access to donors — all become bull’s eyes once again. So in essence, their calls for a special prosecutor could very well end up being their own undoing and have nothing to do with Trump at all.

See that’s how the Common Sense world works. Many politicians live in their ivory towers in DC and they fail to understand this common sense deduction and how things can click into place – one door opening another and another. They miss the subtly of this synchronicity because in their world, it’s all about politics. They don’t see their own hypocrisy and the media – the liberal lapdogs they portray much like the court jesters – never dare to relay these inconvenient truths to them.

The fact is, the media is living in another generation where there is no internet that makes information readily available to the masses. They live in a bubble where they’re still the gatekeepers of information instead of reality, they’re usually the last guy on the deal team to learn anything. It’s actually comical to watch them wallow and scramble for relevance with their salacious click bait headlines and provocative statements. Mika Brzezinski wants to talk political porn, she should look in the mirror. She’s the epitome of everything feminists are against. Sleeping her way to some position and being the ‘other’ woman in a divorce proceeding may get you clicks but it doesn’t get you equality or respect.

So, folks, that’s where we’re at. A government with a few peeps who are so consumed with hate for Trump, they’re ultimately destroying themselves in the process. They are inciting a revolution in one form or another that they’re scarcely prepared to see through to it’s dismal end. They are taunting a public that one day, might just rear up and surprise them with audacious results.

We’ll see how it shakes out but just make sure you have both your popcorn and muskets close at hand!

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