DEMOCRATS: Dropping Deuces and Doubling Down

By Adam Gingrich
Pennsylvania Political Consultant

If you hang around politics for 25 years, you see a lot of strange happenings. God knows, I’ve seen my share. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, 2016 happens. Putting it all in perspective is about as easy putting all the shampoo back in the bottle. What we have left, as the Inauguration descends upon us, is a mess: a glorious, ideologically indistinguishable, spattering of red, white and blue.

In the last year we’ve seen the left go further left and the right go right off the charts. And the middle? Well, the middle just got pissed the hell off and made history. Sure, it sounds complicated, but in hindsight it’s pretty simple stuff. This is America, and we espouse American values. We love God, our families, our freedoms, and we are always a sucker for an underdog. But somewhere along the way, after a decade of indiscriminate and senseless foreign military actions, coupled with a gut-wrenching descent into domestic dysfunction disguised as “social justice,” we finally had enough.

Americans aren’t intolerant people.

Period. The Liberals in this country are at war with reality, not an ideology, per se. And the reality is, most of us are kind of partial to reality. We aren’t dead set against your attack on traditional societal norms, we just don’t feel the need to engender, endear or even justify them for you. We can’t stop you from, say, resisting gender identification for your children, any more than we can stop you from “transitioning” them years before puberty. But we do reserve the right to our opinion that you are likely causing irreparable harm to that child, and furthermore, you won’t force us to suspend our beliefs to embrace it. It’s not our job to build a third bathroom option for your social experimentation. It’s just not. If you can’t accept that, then you likely take your social cues from Hollywood; which is like watching the Weather Channel for cooking ideas. Good luck with that.

Why doesn’t the Left understand this?

Why do you think turning apple pie into a political statement on underpaid migrant workers, or hamburgers into a rant on bovine flatulence contributing to global warming, will lead to a “corrective shift” in America’s political conscience? When did the color white become a privilege instead of a pigmentation? Did you really think after 50 years we’d let you call us a racist for going to a Washington Redskins game? No, no, no. It doesn’t work that way.

Americans are caring, empathetic and resilient people. We’ll let you play out your transcendent fantasy world views all you want, right up until they threaten the fabric of our nation. It’s pretty simple, really. Your life matters, just like ours. No more, no less. We have the right to bear arms, you have the right to complain about it. The media has a right to think, say, write or practically smear anyone they want. We reserve the right to do the same to them in return. Your right to express yourself is guaranteed, our right to ignore you is inalienable. Be gay, be straight, be transgender, hell, be translucent, you if want. We don’t care. But it’s not our job to explain it to our children or grandchildren. It’s not our job to chisel out some new bedrock of constitutional protections for an increasingly nihilistic society that is embracing secularity over religion, and chaos over structured morality.


So, my liberal friends, I’m giving you priceless advice to find your way back to political relevance. Consider me the friendly blackjack dealer who raises his eyebrows when you double down on a pair of deuces. I’m here to help. The next time you feel the irresistible urge to shout “racist!,” “homophobe!,” “Anti-Semite!,” or “Islamophobe!”…um, don’t. That’s not really an intellectual argument. Really, enough already.

Losing sucks, and boy do we know it. After 8 years of Obama, our wallets empty, the IRS using us for target practice, wage stagnation, the Middle East looks like a grocery store after a Black Lives Matter “rally,” and Europe looks, well, like the Middle East. On November 8th, we chose to go in another direction. All the yelling, screaming, foot-stomping in the world won’t change that; no more than hilariously misguided videos of lamenting B-list actors will.

Deal with it…

You had your 8 years, now it’s our turn. You made your mark; more like a mess, actually. Now we have 4 years to clean it up. You don’t have to help us, but by God, if not, have the decency to get the hell out of the way.

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