DEMOCRATS: Are They Trying to Incite a Civil War in America?

With President Trump’s last Executive Order on the Immigration Pause from seven Middle Eastern countries predetermined by the Obama Administration, the Media and Liberals have been push false narratives out in great mass towards the public. Most Trump supporters, knowing the Media is heavily liberal, discount their “Fake News” as balderdash; however, young snowflakes seems to buy the garbage peddling like gullible babies. Suspiciously, they have protested on demand for everything the President has done, even though it will only go to enhance their own collective future.

Twenty-four instants of flat out lies about the Executive Order that President Trump signed last Friday. TWENTY-FOUR in a ¬†twenty-four hour period. That’s a new lie per hour. The media has made it their stock and trade to misinform and pimp propaganda to the American public without any conscience whatsoever.

Why do Democrats in the Senate continue to push this false narrative when just a couple weeks ago, Obama issued a full ban on Cuban immigrants from entering America? The hypocrisy is so stunningly blatant, it leaves one to wonder: Are they purposefully trying to incite a second Civil War in America?

There’s absolutely no sense in this because, as we saw from the real history of the first Civil War, the Democrats lost in a crushing defeat. So why would they want a Civil War when they are always on the losing side of history? It makes no sense whatsoever, yet Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren continue to push envelopes, while keeping the public in a constant state of unrest.

Has it come to a point where states should start to rethink their Democrat representatives in the Senate?

The truth is this, these Democrats are derelict in their duties as prescribed by the Constitution; thus putting their constituents in peril – whether it be financial, physically or both. It’s a shame they have chose to play politics, especially in light of their massive losses since 2009, but they continue to push forward – much at the direction of foreigner, George Soros.

Hypocritical Tweet from Schumer in 2015 as seen from his statements in the last 72 hours.

Soros has made it no secret that the destruction of America would be what he considers his most crowning achievement. The radicalization of the Democrat party has only highlighted their allegiance to Soros and not the American people. Unfortunately, people who don’t see themselves as conservative are by de facto identifying with the Democrats, but with this last election and the actions afterwards, many are starting to move toward Trump in greater numbers than before.

Their party is in ruins yet they seem to grapple with this reality and try to push their weight around DC as if their relevance still exists. One example of this is when they re-elected Pelosi to continue as Minority Leader in the House when everything she emulates is everything many voters saw was wrong with the party, which led to them supporting then-candidate Trump rather than Hillary Clinton.

They just don’t seem to catch the reality that their popularity is waning because they are completely out of touch with the ramifications and end-results of their bad policies. Obamacare is just the tip of a huge iceberg of how Americans have suffered, yet, instead of offering solutions, they go for the low road of personal slams and calling everyone who doesn’t lick their boots, racists.

Hardly a winning strategy as we saw November 8, 2016. The fact the polls were so very wrong should have been the first clue that people aren’t digging their jive but they continue even as late as today with their shenanigans on Capitol Hill.

Here’s the reality as shown from a Fox News polls, 66% of the people support a refugee ban when vetting cannot be done in an extreme measure¬†because its designed to keep Americans safe from harm. Instead the Democrats continue to beat dead horses; hence, making several democrats move towards the President and appalled at the DNC’s failure to cooperate on the Hill.

Perhaps more losses will have to be endured but in the meantime, they are severely polarizing the people and causing so much unrest, it makes South Carolina secession look like a mild reason for a war. Encouraging people to not deal with the reality of the Trump Administration is only going to backfire in violence as it’s already done throughout the country. When will it end? When will Democrats get their collective sense about them?

As an historian, I can tell you, they’re playing with fire because the Democrats have historically never come out the victors in civil unrest periods in American History – not in the 1860s or the 1960s. It’s always ended up very badly for them, which took decades to recover. Therefore, I have no earthly clue why they don’t learn from their own horrid history.


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