DEMOCRATS: Are Senate Democrats Doing Their Elected Job?

As of today, the stats of what Democrats in the Senate haven’t done for America over the last week all while President Trump has worked non-stop for Americans’ best interests!

Chuck Schumer has some nerve talking about how anything rolls out when he’s derelict in his own duties as prescribed by the United States Constitution!

Isn’t this the political quagmire we voted against? Why aren’t more people calling and knocking on Senators’ doors? Why is Elizabeth Warren at Logan Airport when all of this unfinished business awaits in DC? Why is Chuck Schumer crying on National Television when so much of last weekend’s confusion would be cleared up with a Secretary of State?

Does the Democrat party realize this is the very reason they keep losing their base, more and more, day by day?

Why isn’t this a problem with the Media? Why isn’t this a subject for protest?

Talk about injustice…

So, you be the judge, are the Senate Democrats doing their job as they were elected to do for the American citizenry?

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