DEMOCRAT WOMEN: Demonstrate Disrespect While Invoking Bad Memories of Democrats’ Horrific Past!

The Joint Address by President Trump was a smashing success for the Republicans but the same cannot be said for the flailing Democrat Party as their members demonstrated their lack of respect for America and her people.

Democrats illustrated their true colors, which only made them look smaller than they’ve already been over their three month temper tantrums. Two representatives (Judy Chu and Jackie Speier from California) had the audacity to give President Trump the thumbs down at one point, thus, showing us their immaturity.

Should voters continue to vote for people in our government who lack maturity or deference to the citizens who put them there in the first place? Really think about this? They not only made fools of themselves, they disrespected their voter base.

Voters should remember these actions as we enter into the next elections and stop electing people who apparently don’t hold Americans first or our values as a nation. Those two women should be the first on the chopping block as they did not represent their states with honor; making a joke of a serious situation we all face everyday.

Another incident was when the Democrats refused to stand for the fallen hero’s wife. Navy Seal, Ryan Owen died for our country and yet, they didn’t stand when he was recognized by President Trump. Shameless display of disrespect for all of us and our military is intolerable. If Democrats don’t respect our military, do they really belong in Washington? Given that Congress and the Senate help shape our military policy, it is a huge NO! And to lack any respect for those who have died so they can be free, is an atrocious display of un-American values.

A funny misfire was the Democrat women wearing white supposedly for women’s suffrage at the Joint Session.Many throughout the Twitterverse have made pictorial comparisons to the Klu Klux Klan’s women  known for wearing white robes to segregate themselves from the other races in America. It is widely know the Democrat party created the Klan during Reconstruction after the Civil War in protest of Republicans’ emancipation. This occurred well before women suffrage and has long had a negative connotation in most Americans’ minds. It was apropos considering the Democrats have been failing to liken Trump supporters to the racist group since the President entered the presidential race. Hence, it proved shamelessly inconsiderate to all Americans rather than make any statement for women’s suffrage.

Democrats were the huge losers of the night, which is something they should be used to given the massive losses they’ve suffered over the last eight years. Are they going by way of the Whigs? Time will tell, but it does seem  they’re well on their way!

Perhaps it’s time to Americans banded together and voted politicians like Chu and Speier out of office because they made it abundantly clear, they are not with Americans nor do they possess the values we all hold dear while taking everything they have for granted!

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